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As a young startup, phia, LLC, offered the Secretary of Defense full-spectrum cybersecurity support through the Secretary of Defense Communications Office (SDC). Their scope of work included demands for typical network operations, residences, and high-risk trip missions. In order to provide safe and secure operational communications for the SDC, cybersecurity was essential. Since then, phia has laid the groundwork for the company’s expansion into new client segments, including the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, and other federal departments and agencies.


Old phia cyber webpage with skull and bones on a laptop is shown on a desktop computer.
New homepage for phia includes its green, blue, orange and white logo.
Technology used: WordPress, Slick JS, JQuery, PHP


Having used a one-page informational website as their business representation since inception, it was high time for an upgrade. The company’s principals felt it was imperative to create a site representing their cyber-intelligence expertise while being highly accessible, people and culture oriented, and, because they are a federal contractor, 508 compliant.

The phia leadership team also wanted the new site to focus on recruitment with a heavy pour of “phia phamily” culture that showcased their commitment to balancing valuable business relationships with their team’s work/life balance.

Looking for best-in-class website design and development services, phia wanted their new site to feature intuitive navigation and easy-to-use content management for self-updating. They also wanted the new site to deeply engage visitors and increase time on the site + conversions.


From the outset of the project, Lounge Lizard Brandtenders based the phia design on the curved shapes of the logo, inspired by the ‘Triquetra,’ a three-sided Celtic symbol that represents the company’s three founding members. The design team created a modern, unique user interface filled with circled shapes and rounded image/video masks that unified the branding throughout the site and were far from the usual responsive design.

The Brandtenders also avoided the overused high-tech, Matrix-like stock images commonly seen in the cybersecurity industry. The principals strongly felt that the phia phamily was the most important asset of their company, so the site design highlights people working collaboratively in a challenging ‘connected world.’

To showcase phia’s strengths cleanly, the design team created a seamless, intuitive, interactive customer journey, adding interest through weekly videos, social plugins, and a thoroughly engaging job board integrated throughout.

Bringing the design to life, the development team created an engaging site that feels clean and uncluttered while thoroughly enticing for the top talent phia hopes to recruit. The site optimizes fast-loading pages and graphics that perform at the highest levels for page speed and mobile responsiveness with a shorter click path to convert and improve SEO throughout.

In addition to improved overall speed, Lounge Lizard’s SEO team enhanced the new website structure to optimize SEO utilizing extensive keyword research. Our team provided enriched title tags, meta descriptions, and internal and external linking structures that positioned phia’s new site for increased organic search traffic.

Last, the developers ensured that the new site was designed to be easily managed by the phia team. In addition, phia’s new site is 508 compliant to meet and exceed the accessibility requirements of their federal government clients.


The new phia website ensures the company is ready to face the persistent cyber threats that are a part of our connected world and touch every aspect of our day-to-day lives. Phia is now well-positioned to collaboratively meet the challenge and provide mission success for its partners and clients.


Various pages from the phia website is shown on a laptop, desktop, phone, and tablet.
A person with a smartphone looks at icons for employee benefits on the phia website.
A black motherboard with a lock is depicted on the new phia website and is shown on a laptop.
A person reads about
Increase in Informational Search Results
Increase in Organic Traffic
Increase in Backlinks


Lounge Lizard Brandtenders and Marketing Mixologists always serve up custom concoctions. We mix a potent combination of brand story telling with a generous splash of creative juices and blend in technology-focused, customized solutions as a chaser.

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