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Expert Setup for Google Analytics 4 by Lounge Lizard

Every year, Google releases a major upgrade to one of their platforms or processes that fundamentally impacts the way websites do business. This year is no exception.

Google has introduced a new analytics platform — Google Analytics 4, or GA4. Google Analytics 4 makes it easier to monitor your customer’s journey while also providing much deeper insights into user behavior. 

The caveat is that GA4 is fully customizable but doesn’t have pre-formatted reports. This means your website running the new GA4 will require extensive setup to recreate (or even improve upon) your existing Universal Analytics (sometimes referred to as GA3) reports. 

That’s where Lounge Lizard comes in — our expert team of marketing professionals have already traveled the learning curve. We dove in at first release and kicked the tires. We know where the issues are, and we want to help you negotiate the new GA4 setup process.

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GA4 vs Universal Analytics

While the GA4 release date has come and gone, Google announced in 2022 that the existing analytics package that most people are familiar with will be discontinued on July 1, 2023, and shortly thereafter, you will not be able to use your historical data collected by UA.

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What Improvements are in Google Analytics 4?

Whether you are setting up GA4 analytics for a new website, for an existing website already running Universal Analytics, or adding it to a CMS-hosted site (like WordPress or Wix), there are definitely improvements that will make the extra work worthwhile. A few of the improvements include:

  • GA4 will collect data on both apps and websites for a combined look at the customer journey and giving you much more accurate cross-device insights and cross-platform tracking.
  • The new analytics platform uses Events rather than Session-Based Data. So, while the tables will look familiar, a common key metric like Bounce Rate, is missing and must be setup manually.
  • GA4 uses privacy controls for cookie-less measurements.
  • Guidance can be found through predictive capabilities that don’t require complex modeling.
  • Media and video platforms can be directly integrated.
  • GA4 provides enhanced data visualization.
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How Can You Absorb the Extra Work of GA4 Set Up?

If the idea of losing your analytics reports sends you into a panic — we understand. Most businesses have come to rely on the volume of actionable data that can be gleaned from Google’s Universal Analytics. 

With GA4, ‘turn-key’ reports are a thing of the past. Think of GA4 as an unassembled bookcase — it will be great once it’s put together, but now it’s just a box of pieces, parts, and an Allen wrench. To effectively move forward with the new GA4 platform, you need an installation and setup that has your reporting up and running fast.

Unless you or your IT people have time to get a Google Analytics 4 Certification, you might want to consider engaging an expert team that’s fully versed in the installation and setup to ease your transition and ensure you don’t miss a beat.

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Lounge Lizard’s 4-Step Process

We have completed numerous set ups to date and make the process seamless for our clients:

  • Together we set an analytics strategy based on your priorities
  • You give us access to your account
  • We map out all relevant data points
  • We handle the rest


New Keywords on Google
Increase in organic growth
Increase in pages visited
Increase in keywords ranked

Why is it Important to Upgrade Fast?

If you’re like most organizations, you use data to make decisions daily and you’ve come to rely on Universal Analytics to supply you with the information you need. 

By implementing a Google Analytics 4 Setup now, you can develop and run analytics reporting side-by-side with your current analytics to ensure that the data is clean, and all bugs are identified and fixed. You can also make sure that complimentary platforms are reporting things like conversion tracking, etc., as they should, e.g., Google Tag Manager, Google Ads.

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Basic GA4 Batch Setup Offer







Complex +


Internet Store

Setting up/Switching to GA4
Setting macro and micro conversion tracking goals
Preparing remarketing audiences (up to 10 audiences)
Website usability audit
Creation of personalized reports
Advertising account audit
Analysis of Competitors
Ecommerce Setup (Standard)

Lounge Lizard Offers Full-Service Digital Marketing Services

For over twenty years, Lounge Lizard Worldwide has been a leader in the marketing and advertising industry. We offer a full line of website design, development, SEO, and digital marketing services for companies of all sizes.

Google Analytics 4 setup services are a great way to get an introduction to our expert team and the other services we provide. Take a look at our extensive library of completed work through our Case Studies page and contact us today.

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