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As a premier branding agency, developing and nurturing your unique brand comes second nature to us. At Lounge Lizard, our BrandTenders bring fresh mojo to envision brands and develop strategies that create identity and convey your company’s personality. Once we have a brand concept, we mix in the perfect colors and typography to create attention-getting brand designs, logos and more.

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Browse through our case study portfolio for our digital advertising agency to see how we positively impacted growth and bottom line revenue for our many clients.
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LL_Portfolio ViLogics Branding


Our Brandtenders created the impenetrable Fortress, a cinematic brand concept with a world-class custom 3D environment that has led to a 200% increase in leads.
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LL_Portfolio Strategic Audit Solutions Branding

Strategic Audit Solutions

Strategic Audit Solutions delivers comprehensive audit services, specializing in recovery audits and risk assessment for corporations, enhancing financial performance and operational efficiency, serving clients nationwide.
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LL_Portfolio CoValence Branding

CoValence Laboratories

CoValence Laboratories is an industry leader in custom skincare and personal care product development and manufacturing, serving global beauty brands with innovative, high-quality formulations from their US-based facilities.
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All About The Mom

486 keywords indexed! Lounge Lizard Brandtenders and Marketing Mixologists created a new brand identity voice, logo and website for articles, expert advice, blogs, and offers for moms.
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Casino web design golddustwest

Gold Dust West Casinos

With a modern, design-forward spin on casino websites, Lounge Lizard created a multi-facility rebrand and Hollywood-style websites for Jacobs Entertainment’s Nevada flagships.
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LL_Portfolio OSG Branding

OSG Analytics

Our Brandtenders created a design-forward website based on a specially-curated style & color guide that set the tone and captured a 90%+ increase in mobile traffic.
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Spiezle Architectural Group

Spiezle Architectural Group, Inc. is an award-winning architectural, landscape, and interior design firm founded in 1954. Spiezle architects build long-term value through innovative design solutions and make their clients’ daily lives easier.
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LL_Portfolio Ontrak Branding


Ontrak is a leading healthcare company providing innovative AI-driven solutions for behavioral health, serving insurers and employers across the United States to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.
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Blue Owl

With 200+% increase in organic traffic, Blue Owl’s stylish, modern website and brand attracts investors in the private-equity market from New York to California to London.
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LL_Portfolio Alpek


Alpek is a leading petrochemical company in the Americas, specializing in the production of polyester (PET, PTA) and polypropylene.
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Solutions in branding that resonate with customers

Creating a memorable, unique, and positive visual identity is how we approach each project at our creative brand agency. We want your brand experience to convey your organization’s personality, ethos, and desirability all mixed together in a beautiful color palette and logo design. It’s what we do as a full service branding agency.

Amplify Your Brand Identity

What You Get

By concocting a heady mix of creativity and imagination, our expert BrandTenders will mix up the perfect brand—whether you want to build a new brand identity from the ground up or pivot to a refreshed look for your organization’s values and fundamental messaging. At Lounge Lizard, full service creative agency, the benefits of branding services for our clients include:

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Discover Your Market

Our goal is to understand your market inside and out. What are your long-term business goals? What makes your organization different? How do your competitors brand themselves?

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Brand Strategy

To increase your brand’s recognition among current and potential customers, we bring together your brand story, voice, identity, values, and overall energy as part of a brand strategy.

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Brand Positioning

To increase your brand’s recognition among current and potential customers, we bring together your brand story, voice, identity, values, and overall energy as part of a brand strategy.

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Brand Messaging

With many brand messaging opportunities available, we help you build an effective digital marketing plan that uses high quality website design, content & blog posts, and social media.

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Brand Style Guide

So that your brand’s look and feel can be conveyed seamlessly across platforms, we will develop a full service branding style guide that defines your custom color palette, typography, and imagery.

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Brand Logo

Part of the branding process is developing a brand logo that identifies your company or product. Your company logo will be the symbol that identifies your business into the future.

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Advantages for branding in numbers

At Lounge Lizard, our best brand agency BrandTenders work diligently to craft brands that drive leads and social media engagement while also increasing search engine results. When branding a site, we also use benchmarks that are measurable so that you can monitor the outcomes. Here are a few results from our clients:

Domain Authority Increase
Increase in Branded Search
Sold-Out Events
Increase in Instagram Followers
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Brands that Make an Impact

Why You Should Choose Branding Agency Lounge Lizard

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Diverse & Successful Portfolio

We offer a rich and varied library of case studies where you can see our process and the transformation our clients have achieved.

Excellent Industry Reputation

In our industry, Lounge Lizard is seen as a top-tier creative branding agency with an outstanding reputation in marketing for over 20+ years.

A Proven Process

Our process is client-centric and straightforward. Our branding agency team gets to know you and your business + finds solutions that improve your business & bottom line.

Outstanding Communications

As one of the top full service creative agencies in the industry, we offer strong communications throughout a client’s project—from the first meeting until our work is done.

Strong Brand Identity

We ‘walk the talk.’ Our own successful and award-winning brand agency strategy and website demonstrates we know how to create fun, unique work.

Unmatched Value

Your company will recognize unparalleled value when working with Lounge Lizard. We always over-deliver on each project—from branding to website design and beyond.

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LL_Awards Recognition 2024 2

Lounge Lizard Awards

About Branding Services

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As branding professionals, our creative brand agency offers a full range of solutions, as well as website design and development, digital marketing, and advertising. If your organization needs a new brand or a refresh on your existing brand, contact us to start the conversation.
LL_Services About LL

Our Clients

Phia logo
Blue, red and black logo for Altech Services.
A turquoise and navy blue logo for CoValence Laboratories.
Analytica logo
The SaviLinx logo with a blue background and orange and white text.
All about the mom custom logo
A logo for CCI Health Services includes an orange, lime green, and chocolate brown lotus.
The logo for Gen II.
A gold logo for The Lodge Casino with evergreen trees.
A logo for The Gilpin Casino in black and gold.
A Gold Dust West Reno logo with black copy and gold stars.
Roco logo
A black logo for MIND GAMES features a crown above the company name.
The new logo for Sun Home Saunas includes an orange drop of sweat.
An orange, black and white logo for
Gold and dark blue logo for EmPRO Insurance.
A charcoal gray and sky blue logo for Gen II.

Our Process

When our brand firm talks about our process for branding and professional services, we like to keep it fresh with a generous splash of creativity. That way, your new brand is sure to increase your company’s value, motivate your employees, and quench your customers’ thirst.
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Project Launch

As the best brand agency, we open your new project with an in-depth conversation about USPs, current storyline, and overall objectives.
Process Pattern_Final e1689005440967
LL_Process Pattern Mobile_B

Research & Analysis

For the best overview, we research your competitors, learn about your target audiences, and see what’s worked.
Process Pattern_Final e1689005440967
LL_Process Pattern Mobile_B

Story Creation

With a fresh pair of eyes, we are able to see what might not be obvious or part of the status quo to find a compelling storyline.
Process Pattern_Final e1689005440967
LL_Process Pattern Mobile_B

Brand Strategy

From here, we design a guiding brand strategy that will inform future collateral representing your products in the best light.
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LL_Process Pattern Mobile_B

Brand Positioning

Defining your brand’s positioning impacts your business by communicating a clear vision for your brand and your company.
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Brand Messaging

Our brand agency services include developing a full menu of messaging and communications informed by your brand and conveying your unique value propositions.
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Visual Identity

Our team shakes up your brand’s visual identity with a fresh logo, images, and graphics that set you apart from the competition.
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Naming & Taglines

Along with the visual aspects of a brand, we create identity using naming and taglines that tell the story of your company and products.


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LL_Testimonials 2024

“I am constantly impressed by the level of talent and professionalism that the team exhibits.”

Lounge Lizard Worldwide has delivered a functional website that the client can easily update. The team has impressive talent and professionalism, exceeding the client’s expectations. Lounge Lizard Worldwide completes work on time and is very communicative, addressing web issues within 24 hours.

Director of Ecommerce
The Fragrance Group

“I now understand why they’ve received so much industry recognition.”

The logo has garnered unanimously positive feedback. Committed and easy to work with, Lounge Lizard built a robust understanding of brand identity and translated it into a visual design. Their smooth collaboration and extensive industry knowledge are particularly noteworthy.

NuLife Nation

“Lounge Lizard genuinely cares about their customers.”

Lounge Lizard was able to take an abstract idea for an app and bring it to reality, while staying true to the original vision. Overall, the app’s design and usability were outstanding. The agency distinguished themselves with their personable, responsive communication style.


“I found their process impressive…They delivered everything as promised and as expected.”

The team successfully delivered a modern website with the capacity for easy updates. Lounge Lizard communicates proactively to ensure compliance with expectations and customer satisfaction.

IT Manager

“Lounge Lizard is approachable, reachable, flexible, and supportive.”

The user-friendly mobile app has received extremely positive external feedback. Lounge Lizard’s responsive team delivered a simple yet advanced product. In addition to having strong technical capabilities, they are quick to learn the skills necessary to deliver on the commercial scope of a project.

Sr. Product Manager
Watts Water Technologies

“Their desire to truly understand our business goals for the new website was impressive.”

Lounge Lizard delivered an engaging, beautiful website, which was well-received by the end clients. Their team impressed the client with their genuine desire to understand the firm’s business goals for the website. They were also professional, timely, and communicated via email and virtual meetings.

State Farm

“The new website they developed is easier to navigate.”

Lounge Lizard’s output was easier to navigate than their previous platform. Its features were also linked to the client’s CRM platform. Their most impressive features included their high communication levels.

Marketing Manager
Voice for Pest

“The people at Lounge Lizard are very bright, very knowledgeable.”

The design phase was completed successfully. Lounge Lizard did an exceptional job of answering questions and delivering high-quality work. The team earned especially high praise for their broad development knowledge and enthusiastic, cooperative approach.

Medical Research Mobile App

“They’re great communicators, so we had a fantastic experience.”

The new site has received positive feedback from the internal team on it’s look and feel and helped solidify their new branding. Lounge Lizard is informative and collaborative, establishing a smooth workflow. The team goes above and beyond to meet the goals and requirements set by the client.

Social Media Manager


Why do I need to have a brand?
Branding promotes recognition and trust, plus it helps to set your company apart from your competitors. It represents you, your organization, and your products or services. To your customers, it represents a promise. By building a brand that people genuinely relate to and care about, you can outperform other companies that don’t have a brand or have a brand that is poorly defined or problematic. As a top branding agency, we help you build ties with your audience through branding that paves the way for them to become devoted clients in the future.
I already have a logo. Isn’t that my brand?
No. A logo is a part of your brand and a visual image that people can remember. However, your brand is much larger. It’s the sum total of your business and the products or services you provide as perceived by each person’s experience – customers, employees, the media, investors, and the general public. It distinguishes you from your competitors and creates a way to easily communicate through marketing and advertising. Your company has a brand, but isn’t it better to be proactive and guide the brand strategy in ways that match your vision and intent? By using a full service creative agency, your brand can be a fully fleshed out brand that supports your business?
Do I really need research and a discovery phase before my brand strategy is developed?
To track your brand’s evolution and the return on your investment, it’s critical to benchmark its current status. Our full service branding agency can monitor both quantitative and qualitative results thanks to research, which can also serve as the basis for your decisions. It eliminates personal bias and centers attention on accurate information about where your firm stands in the marketplace. Having up-to-date information about competitors and customers helps spark brand strategy ideas and even potential organizational change.
How do I increase brand recognition?
Increased marketing efforts or modified messaging are effective ways to build traction. You can also experiment with new channels and introduce new tools and ideas. Also, create ways to ensure your audience has the opportunity to assist you in spreading the news, since this will provide you with an exponential return on your investment. Contact Lounge Lizard, a full service creative agency, to discuss how we can help you tighten up your brand and present your company in the absolute best light.
Fundamentally, what do I need to do to make a brand continually successful?
Once your new brand is launched, start with commitment and consistency, and always keep a close eye on customer reviews and feedback. Don’t ignore negative comments or complaints – you want to acknowledge any issues and fix them immediately. If it’s time for a refresh, talk to our BrandTender experts at Lounge Lizard brand agency. Remember, brands continually evolve and require constant attention.

Request a Web Design and Marketing Proposal.

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