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OSG Analytics is a behavioral analytics company that measures the magnitude of customer choice to achieve intelligent growth. OSG’s portfolio of proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning tools and behavioral analytics methodologies go beyond trends and uncover the full spectrum of customer behavior. They don’t just discover what customers did historically, but they can accurately model what customers are likely to do in the future, which is a critical tool for intelligent growth. The company has locations in the USA, United Arab Emirates, and India.


OSG analytics old website
OSG analytics new website
Technology used: WordPress


OSG Analytics is a technology-forward company that came to Lounge Lizard Worldwide for a modern and user-friendly website. They wanted a website that could be found easily,  generate leads, and showcase their work in a way that is not just technical but also easily understood. In addition to a redesigned website and SEO, OSG needed some rebranding elements to elevate their online image, all on an aggressive timeline.


OSG Analytics has the technology needed to help their customers grow, but their website and brand needed a transformation to attract quality leads and grow their own company.

The Brandtenders at Lounge Lizard Worldwide hit the ground running with several workshops to get a better understanding of their company and their wants and needs.

Our Brandtenders identified the keyword gap, optimized the meta, and did a mega menu to quickly funnel specific information to website visitors. An improved sitemap structure and category placement have already given OSG better traffic. Previously, the navigation was very technology-based, making it hard to navigate and understand the presented information. With a new sitemap in hand, it was time to work on the branding.

OSG’s old logo was three colors (light blue, dark blue, and yellow) and the “S” was hard to read. There was also only a slight nod to an arrow on the “G,” which made it unclear that there was a purpose to that element.

During the logo redesign, our Brandtenders learned how vital the color purple was to the OSG team, a color that speaks to their values and approach.

The new logo makes each letter legible, using purple as the primary color (interchangeable with white), and an arrow attached to the tail on the “G” that is now blue and green, representing technology and growth. Moreover, the white space between the purple and blue evoke an upward motion, completing the growth that OSG delivers. This “G” is a recognizable branded element that is now the favicon.

Our Brandtenders also switched up the font on the new website with Poppins, a nearly monolinear font that is friendly and positive, and Barlow, a slightly rounded and low-contrast font that evokes the technical balance OSG was trying to communicate. 

The new styleguide is easily accessible on the website and downloadable for press and advertisers.

The website design included personal elements, which data companies and OSG’s competitors do not showcase. Many technology and big data analytics companies have the typical whiteboard photos and computer screens. 

OSG’s work is more personal than that, which is what their new website reflects.

The first video on the homepage features a professional video testimonial from Black Entertainment Television (BET). It’s unexpected and powerful. No doubt, as one of the first website elements on the page, it will increase OSG website visitors’ time-on-page. 

Keeping with 2022 website design trends, photo boxes have a rounded right-hand corner element, which is another unexpected element for a data company and another way to mimic the growth curve. 

The Lounge Lizard team worked with OSG to create engaging SEO-optimized copy that educated website visitors. It was essential to show the company’s expertise alongside their personal approach. What they do is now in an easily digestible format, both in written content and in design. It’s an elevated approach to showcase high-level technology services in a down-to-earth, actionable way. 

The new call-to-action buttons are micro-interactions that add a gradient color when website visitors hover over them, adding another level of branding, user-friendliness, and sophistication. The website in its entirely has movements and is now visually representative of OSG, its team, its values, and its work.


OSG’s website launched in December 2021, and its impact is already known. They have increased their domain authority, pass Google’s Core Web Vitals, and have seen more organic traffic.

With a friendly, less clinical website that is mobile-friendly and responsive, OSG is in a better place to compete in the marketplace. Through design and content, Lounge Lizard Brandtenders help capture the attention of OSG website visitors in 7 seconds or less.

OSG’s new website is leagues above their old website — and competitors — and their new branding shows OSG’s consumers who they are and what they do in an engaging way. 


OSG analytics redesign website
OSG case studies redesign
OSG new website
OSG analytics mobile friendly website
OSG analytics new icons branding
OSG analytics new website tablet
OSG analytics rebranding
1 / 7
OSG analytics redesign website
2 / 7
OSG case studies redesign
3 / 7
OSG new website
4 / 7
OSG analytics mobile friendly website
5 / 7
OSG analytics new icons branding
6 / 7
OSG analytics new website tablet
7 / 7
OSG analytics rebranding
Organic Traffic Growth
Increase in Mobile Traffic
Sessions Increase

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