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At our heart, we are a digital marketing agency, and we know how to mix the right blend of engagement tools that will bring you and your website leads and sales. Our digital marketing services team is expert at crafting the right solutions and executing them perfectly.

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Browse through our case study portfolio for our digital advertising agency to see how we positively impacted growth and bottom line revenue for our many clients.
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LL_Portfolio Savilinx Social

SaviLinx Recruitment Marketing

The stats speak for themselves. +87.44% increase of users , +104.2 increase in hiring events. That’s just the beginning.
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LL_Portfolio LoopLoc Social


Lounge Lizard Marketing Mixologists Wins: 73.2% increase in Facebook engagement, 90.1% increase in Instagram follower growth, and 47% increase in online platform conversions.
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LL_Portfolio Peter Max

Peter Max

Renowned artist Peter Max and his work are nothing short of iconic. We helped him achieve 396% return on ad spend, 97 average email subscriptions per month, 5.98% click through rate on ads.
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LL_Portfolio TDK Social


Embedded within the fabric of everyday gadgets, TDK’s extensive array of electronic components operates tirelessly, enriching the functionality of the devices you rely on daily.
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LL_Portfolio STA Marketing

STA Recruitment Marketing

Our campaign yielded the following results: 2,377 conversions, 6.67% conversion rate, and 3.57% click-through rate!
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LL_Portfolio National Transportation Company

National Transportation Company

Our Marketing Mixologists solved our client’s recruitment challenges with +22.3M Google search and display ad impressions (and +2.84k increase in conversions), as well as a +250% increase in link clicks on Facebook ads, and
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LL_Portfolio Gen II

Gen II

Just to name a few of our Marketing Mixologist Wins: 6,744% increase in conversion rate of paid ads, 89.91% reduction in cost per conversion, 466% surge in organic website traffic, 724% increase in unique page views.
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LL_Portfolio Looploc Marketing

LOOP-LOC Marketing

Our Marketing Mixologists shook up a creative cocktail which resulted in: +259% increase in conversions and +50% increase in direct users… but wait, there’s more!
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LL_Portfolio PRI Marketing

Physicians’ Reciprocal Insurers Marketing

The results speak for themselves: +498% increase in conversions, +434 increase in conversion rate, and +576% increase in paid users (just to name a few).
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LL_Portfolio Voss

Voss Events

120,000 emails collected, 6.6% increase in conversion rate, 90% sold-out shows
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LL_Portfolio Website Closers Marketing

Website Closers Marketing

Lounge Lizard Marketing Mixologist Wins: 1 MILLION Facebook page likes, 6K backlinks acquired, 1,211% increase in website visits, and more.
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What we do as a marketing agency

Solutions for increased traffic and higher sales

Lounge Lizard is an online marketing agency that understands the importance of digital marketing in today’s internet business environment. We don’t just take care of the basics, we develop and execute strategic plans that include a blended mix of products targeted to improve your customer engagement, boost your organic search results, and grow your bottom line.

Amplify Your Digital Presence
Online Marketing Services for Clients

What You Get

As an award winning full service digital marketing agency, our team of Mixologists and Brandtenders mixes up a full menu of digital advertising and marketing campaigns designed to create a long-term marketing strategy, reach your ideal target audience, and optimize your website for search results.

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Digital Marketing

Our passion for digital marketing is only matched by a burning desire to provide our clients with exceptional sales conversions and ROI, while capturing the largest possible market share in the digital sphere.

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Leading the pack on ROI, search engine optimization (SEO) pays huge dividends by increasing key components of your website’s performance, like better page speed, mobile responsiveness, and improved organic search results.

LL_Services Icon_PPC CRO

PPC & CRO Management

We use both Paid Search Advertising (PPC) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to enhance your company’s success by improving your ability to hyper-target your audience through search & social media platforms.

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Content Marketing

Boost your online presence and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry by consistently publishing expert content. We will develop a strategy + calendar while creating content that ranks well on search engines.

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Email Marketing & Management

As an online marketing firm, our digital marketing experts understand the immense effectiveness of well-executed email marketing campaigns that bring short and long-term results while continually building your subscriber list.

LL_Services Icon_Affliate

Affiliate & Amazon Marketing Services

We bring the knowhow and skill to ensure your products get seen by the right customers on Amazon or as an affiliate with a mix of SEO, PPC, and storefront branding that gets your products seen on the highly competitive ecommerce platform.

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Advantages with a Digital Marketing Company by the Numbers

Here are just some of the results we have realized as an internet advertising agency with a potent mix of expertise, creativity, and online marketing knowledge, plus a commitment to understanding each client’s business and competitive advantages.

Increase in Website Traffic
Increase in Social Media Followers
Google Ad Impressions
Email Collected
LL_WhyChoose 2024 New
Digital Marketing

Why You Should Choose Internet Marketing Agency Lounge Lizard

LL_WhyChoose 2024 New

Bold Creative Ideas

Our experts in digital marketing bring their years of success and vivid, decisive creativity to craft your overall digital advertising plan.

Client-Centric Strategy

We absorb everything about your business, your competitors, and your successes and letdowns to design a strategy that brings results.

Customized & Unique Plan

Certain aspects of digital marketing may be better suited than others for your unique situation—we find the right solutions and build from there.

Meaningful KPIs

You can count on your internet marketing team to meet and exceed all mutually agreed upon KPIs on time and within budget.

Effective Communications

We understand that you know your organization better than anyone—our team really listens to your needs and creates solutions that work.

Meetings & Analytics

Our website marketing agency uses analytics that measure what’s really important and meets with you regularly to discuss plan results.

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LL_Awards Recognition 2024

Lounge Lizard Awards

About Internet Marketing Services

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We genuinely mean it when we describe ourselves as a full service digital marketing agency. As soon as your newly designed and developed website is live, you can rely on us for digital marketing and advertising, continuing SEO, and hosting assistance.
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Our Clients

Phia logo
Blue, red and black logo for Altech Services.
A turquoise and navy blue logo for CoValence Laboratories.
Analytica logo
The SaviLinx logo with a blue background and orange and white text.
A logo for CCI Health Services includes an orange, lime green, and chocolate brown lotus.
The logo for Gen II.
A gold logo for The Lodge Casino with evergreen trees.
A logo for The Gilpin Casino in black and gold.
A Gold Dust West Reno logo with black copy and gold stars.
Roco logo
A black logo for MIND GAMES features a crown above the company name.
The new logo for Sun Home Saunas includes an orange drop of sweat.
An orange, black and white logo for
Gold and dark blue logo for EmPRO Insurance.
A charcoal gray and sky blue logo for Gen II.

Digital Marketing Process

When you work with a top-tier digital advertising company like Lounge Lizard, your business becomes an essential collaborator in the design and creation of your digital marketing services. We make sure that you and your new website have our entire attention from the very beginning to every last detail.
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Client Kick-Off

We spend dedicated time getting to know you and your team, your organization, and the products or services you offer.
Retro process step circle
Retro process step circle mobile

Competitive Analyses

What are your competitors doing? Is it effective? We take a deep dive to view all angles and understand your industry.
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Plan & Calendar Development

Our team develops a strategic plan & calendar based on findings—SEO, PPC and CRO, content marketing, and email campaigns.
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Retro process step circle mobile

Team Selection

We choose the right team members for your project. With our deep bench of digital marketing experts, you work with industry all-stars.
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Retro process step circle mobile

Implement Plans

We execute plans on time and carefully monitor ongoing results. If a course revision is indicated, our team moves into action quickly.
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Assess & Evaluate

With periodic audits, eagle-eye interpretations of analytics, and close observation of customer engagement, our team ensures your campaign is on track.
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Client Communication

We subscribe to the school of effective communications where our team has frequent client meetings and is always available via emails and calls.
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Adapt As Needed

As new technologies emerge and existing ones lose favor, our team will keep your digital marketing on the cutting edge now and in the future.


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LL_Testimonials 2024

“I am constantly impressed by the level of talent and professionalism that the team exhibits.”

Lounge Lizard Worldwide has delivered a functional website that the client can easily update. The team has impressive talent and professionalism, exceeding the client’s expectations. Lounge Lizard Worldwide completes work on time and is very communicative, addressing web issues within 24 hours.

Director of Ecommerce
The Fragrance Group

“I now understand why they’ve received so much industry recognition.”

The logo has garnered unanimously positive feedback. Committed and easy to work with, Lounge Lizard built a robust understanding of brand identity and translated it into a visual design. Their smooth collaboration and extensive industry knowledge are particularly noteworthy.

NuLife Nation

“Lounge Lizard genuinely cares about their customers.”

Lounge Lizard was able to take an abstract idea for an app and bring it to reality, while staying true to the original vision. Overall, the app’s design and usability were outstanding. The agency distinguished themselves with their personable, responsive communication style.


“I found their process impressive…They delivered everything as promised and as expected.”

The team successfully delivered a modern website with the capacity for easy updates. Lounge Lizard communicates proactively to ensure compliance with expectations and customer satisfaction.

IT Manager

“Lounge Lizard is approachable, reachable, flexible, and supportive.”

The user-friendly mobile app has received extremely positive external feedback. Lounge Lizard’s responsive team delivered a simple yet advanced product. In addition to having strong technical capabilities, they are quick to learn the skills necessary to deliver on the commercial scope of a project.

Sr. Product Manager
Watts Water Technologies

“Their desire to truly understand our business goals for the new website was impressive.”

Lounge Lizard delivered an engaging, beautiful website, which was well-received by the end clients. Their team impressed the client with their genuine desire to understand the firm’s business goals for the website. They were also professional, timely, and communicated via email and virtual meetings.

State Farm

“The new website they developed is easier to navigate.”

Lounge Lizard’s output was easier to navigate than their previous platform. Its features were also linked to the client’s CRM platform. Their most impressive features included their high communication levels.

Marketing Manager
Voice for Pest

“The people at Lounge Lizard are very bright, very knowledgeable.”

The design phase was completed successfully. Lounge Lizard did an exceptional job of answering questions and delivering high-quality work. The team earned especially high praise for their broad development knowledge and enthusiastic, cooperative approach.

Medical Research Mobile App

“They’re great communicators, so we had a fantastic experience.”

The new site has received positive feedback from the internal team on it’s look and feel and helped solidify their new branding. Lounge Lizard is informative and collaborative, establishing a smooth workflow. The team goes above and beyond to meet the goals and requirements set by the client.

Social Media Manager


What are the benefits of digital marketing for my business?
Whether or not your company is using it, digital marketing and social media have permanently transformed how customers interact with businesses and vice versa. As a digital marketing firm and online advertising agency, we are intimately involved in helping businesses engage their users through SEO-optimized content marketing, social media posting, PPC and CRO, and more. Being reachable for your customers (and potential consumers) via social media and other forms of your online presence is essential for building relationships with them and assisting them in the sales process.
How much does digital marketing cost and what is the ROI?
Digital and social media marketing is never free, that much is true. There is always a cost, whether you spend your own money on it, ask a worker to take it on as part of their job, hire a social media staff, or outsource marketing to a company. The secret is to make the most of the time or money you invest in it. It’s crucial to keep in mind that ROI need not equate to income. It might also include achieving other goals, like generating more leads, raising email subscriptions, or even raising customer happiness and satisfaction. Simply put—your digital marketing strategy’s level of focus will directly affect the ROI you receive.
Does my company really need a blog for digital marketing?
Yes! A blog is an essential part of digital marketing. In addition to all the advantages it offers on its own, such as boosting your authority as an industry expert and consistently producing new, keyword-rich content to please the search engines, a link to a blog post is one of the most successful pieces of material to publish on social media. Without regularly sharing new blog content, you won’t have nearly as much to discuss with your followers and won’t be bringing as much traffic to your website.
Is digital marketing and social media better for B2B or B2C businesses?
Both benefit from it, but in different ways. B2B organizations must use social media to communicate important industry content, but B2C enterprises can concentrate on lighter, more entertaining social media posts. Social media, on the other hand, is essential to both as a medium for connecting a business with its clients.
When can I expect to see results from my digital marketing?
Because digital marketing and social media are continuously changing, this depends on a number of factors, including how much time and effort you’re investing in managing your digital and social media marketing, your budget, your target market, your strategy, and whether you’re utilizing sponsored advertisements or not. Whatever the case, it’s critical to keep in mind that social media is a marathon, not a race.
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