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We craft custom app development solutions that engage & delight

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As a mobile app development company, Lounge Lizard’s expert Brandtenders develop mobile apps for iOS and Android devices that bring solutions to all types of customer experiences. From smart home applications to education and learning apps to gaming and entertainment apps, our team can take your vision and create a mind-blowing mobile app that increases customer engagement and improves peoples’ lives. Let us develop an app that speaks to you and your customers!

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Browse through our case study portfolio for our digital advertising agency to see how we positively impacted growth and bottom line revenue for our many clients.
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LL_Portfolio Fidgy


Fidgy is the maddeningly addictive game that everyone is playing! Hop the emojis over the shock bars or suffer the consequences. How many hops can YOU get?
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LL_Portfolio Siraj


Lammtara Studios is one of the leading Animation studios in Dubai founded by Mohammed Saeed Harib, the creator and director of the wildly popular 3D animated series, FREEJ,
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LL_Portfolio Festo


Festo is a global German industrial control and automation company based in Esslingen am Neckar Germany. Festo is an engineering-driven company, producing and selling pneumatic and electrical control and drive technology for factory or process automation.
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LL_Portfolio Random House

Random House

The Random House Web services-driven e-reader allows employees and the sales force to review books and project sales volume and inventory.
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LL_Portfolio HBD


The entrepreneurs at HBD hired Lounge Lizard to bring the initial concept of making and sending Birthday video messages to life.
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LL_Portfolio Cheery


Introducing the iPhone & iPad APP that promotes positivity and creates an inspirational social network of positive people that share positive experiences, quotes, and life events. Spread the Cheery!
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LL_Portfolio Honeywell 3

Honeywell Total Comfort

Lounge Lizard successfully created an intuitive mobile experience to have complete control of heating/cooling system at home.
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LL_Portfolio Honeywell Connect

Honeywell Total Connect

The Honeywell Total Connect™ Remote Interactive Services app gives you real-time control of your Honeywell security system from anywhere.
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What We Do as an App Development Company

Handheld Solutions that Capture the User’s Imagination

As a mobile app development company, we mix our creative, energetic design ideas with the latest tech-forward app development tools to engineer stunning, state-of-the-art computing held in the palm of your hand. Our apps will offer users mobility and convenience while building trust and allegiance with your brand.

Accelerate Your App Presence
Client Benefits

What You Get

With Lounge Lizard, when we develop a mobile app, we bring our best game to mix you an app design that resonates with your customers and provides solutions that they can access anywhere. Here is what you get – the benefits of app development services for clients when working with our team of creatives:

LL_Services Icon_AppDesign

Conceptualization & Design

Apps change and evolve quickly in today’s tech environment — our goal is to conceptualize and design your app through our mobile apps development services with a fast-time-to-market.

LL_Services Icon_AppDev

Professional App Development

Our app developers are fluent in programming languages that make mobile apps so effective, e.g., React Native, Parse, Mongo, Swift, Adobe Animate, Objective-C, & Xamarin.

LL_Services Icon_AppPerformance

Responsive App Performance

Our app development experts can boost the performance of your applications by 15 to 50% with optimizing procedures like image compression and cache setup and configuration.

LL_Services Icon_AppPlatforms

Cross-Platform Integration

We ensure cross platform app development for your new application, so it works seamlessly on all platforms and devices while updating and syncing effortlessly.

LL_Services Icon_AppTesting

Testing & QA

At Lounge Lizard, we apply advanced quality assurance techniques and thoroughly test each process to ensure that when your app is launched, it’s in perfect working order.

LL_Services Icon_AppMaintenance

Ongoing Maintenance

As part of our web app development services, Lounge Lizard offers comprehensive maintenance options to keep your app operating at the highest level into the future.

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Advantages for mobile app development in numbers

Developing mobile apps is serious business for the team at Lounge Lizard. We blend together your products or services with our creative design ideas to craft fun and entertaining apps that keep customers returning.

Increase in App Downloads
Client Satisfaction
Bounce Rate Reduction
Increase in Visits
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Why Brands Choose Us

Why You Should Choose App Development Agency Lounge Lizard

LL_WhyChoose 2024 New

Full-Service App Development

From conceptualization to design & development to final testing, our mobile app development company specializes in delivering a complete product.

Improved UX

Our native mobile applications quickly access device functions like payment methods, sensors, and the camera to enhance the user experience.

Marketing Expertise

Lounge Lizard offers a full menu of industry-leading marketing and advertising services, including website development, digital marketing, & SEO.

World-Class Value

While the cost to develop a new app relies on a variety of contingencies, our goal is to deliver outstanding value and to always offer fair app development costs.

Award-Winning Service

With over 20 years in the advertising and marketing industry, Lounge Lizard has a long-term reputation for providing world-class customer service.

Project Management

A highly qualified project advocate leads each project and is responsible for coordinated communications, start-to-finish execution, and a smooth launch.

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LL_Awards Recognition 2024

Lounge Lizard Awards

About App Development Services

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When you engage our expert app development team, you tap into custom mobile app development services that can deftly take your idea and craft a top-tier application ready to grow your customer base and create stickiness that cements your long-term relationship.
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Our Clients

Phia logo
Blue, red and black logo for Altech Services.
A turquoise and navy blue logo for CoValence Laboratories.
Analytica logo
The SaviLinx logo with a blue background and orange and white text.
All about the mom custom logo
A logo for CCI Health Services includes an orange, lime green, and chocolate brown lotus.
The logo for Gen II.
A gold logo for The Lodge Casino with evergreen trees.
A logo for The Gilpin Casino in black and gold.
A Gold Dust West Reno logo with black copy and gold stars.
Roco logo
A black logo for MIND GAMES features a crown above the company name.
The new logo for Sun Home Saunas includes an orange drop of sweat.
An orange, black and white logo for WebsiteClosers.com.
Gold and dark blue logo for EmPRO Insurance.
A charcoal gray and sky blue logo for Gen II.

Our Process

Whenever you work with Lounge Lizard, expect a mobile app development process that comprehensively guides our work from absorbing your brand strategy and marketing goals to launching a user-centric application tailored for your needs.
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Retro process step circle mobile

Project Launch

Looking at the ‘big picture,’ we collaboratively refine the custom mobile apps development project based on your brand strategy and business objectives.
IStock 497130603
Retro process step circle
Retro process step circle mobile

Analysis & Planning

Understanding the end objectives, an overall plan starts to take shape with use case scenarios and detailed functional and technological requirements.
Retro process step circle
Retro process step circle mobile

UI/UX Design

Our expert design team brings together a seamless design that focuses on creating an effortless user experience and a flawless and polished look.
Shutterstock_2311831595 (1)
Retro process step circle
Retro process step circle mobile

App Development

With Android and iPhone app development, we select a technology stack and define the overall technical architecture and API to create the working application.
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Retro process step circle mobile

Application Testing

Throughout the construction of mobile apps, we carry out extensive and rigorous QA testing, ensuring the stability, usability, and security of your application.
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Retro process step circle mobile


We work with you to deploy and launch your app making it available to your customers within the appropriate app store, Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
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Retro process step circle mobile

Support and Hosting

At Lounge Lizard, we offer ongoing support and maintenance for all of our products as well as complete hosting services that offer performance upgrading and security.


LL_Testimonials 2024_Mobile
LL_Testimonials 2024

“I am constantly impressed by the level of talent and professionalism that the team exhibits.”

Lounge Lizard Worldwide has delivered a functional website that the client can easily update. The team has impressive talent and professionalism, exceeding the client’s expectations. Lounge Lizard Worldwide completes work on time and is very communicative, addressing web issues within 24 hours.

Director of Ecommerce
The Fragrance Group

“I now understand why they’ve received so much industry recognition.”

The logo has garnered unanimously positive feedback. Committed and easy to work with, Lounge Lizard built a robust understanding of brand identity and translated it into a visual design. Their smooth collaboration and extensive industry knowledge are particularly noteworthy.

NuLife Nation

“Lounge Lizard genuinely cares about their customers.”

Lounge Lizard was able to take an abstract idea for an app and bring it to reality, while staying true to the original vision. Overall, the app’s design and usability were outstanding. The agency distinguished themselves with their personable, responsive communication style.


“I found their process impressive…They delivered everything as promised and as expected.”

The team successfully delivered a modern website with the capacity for easy updates. Lounge Lizard communicates proactively to ensure compliance with expectations and customer satisfaction.

IT Manager

“Lounge Lizard is approachable, reachable, flexible, and supportive.”

The user-friendly mobile app has received extremely positive external feedback. Lounge Lizard’s responsive team delivered a simple yet advanced product. In addition to having strong technical capabilities, they are quick to learn the skills necessary to deliver on the commercial scope of a project.

Sr. Product Manager
Watts Water Technologies

“Their desire to truly understand our business goals for the new website was impressive.”

Lounge Lizard delivered an engaging, beautiful website, which was well-received by the end clients. Their team impressed the client with their genuine desire to understand the firm’s business goals for the website. They were also professional, timely, and communicated via email and virtual meetings.

State Farm

“The new website they developed is easier to navigate.”

Lounge Lizard’s output was easier to navigate than their previous platform. Its features were also linked to the client’s CRM platform. Their most impressive features included their high communication levels.

Marketing Manager
Voice for Pest

“The people at Lounge Lizard are very bright, very knowledgeable.”

The design phase was completed successfully. Lounge Lizard did an exceptional job of answering questions and delivering high-quality work. The team earned especially high praise for their broad development knowledge and enthusiastic, cooperative approach.

Medical Research Mobile App

“They’re great communicators, so we had a fantastic experience.”

The new site has received positive feedback from the internal team on it’s look and feel and helped solidify their new branding. Lounge Lizard is informative and collaborative, establishing a smooth workflow. The team goes above and beyond to meet the goals and requirements set by the client.

Social Media Manager


Is my app idea even feasible?
There is no way to know if your idea will be successful until you present it to potential customers or, at the very least, look at how apps that are similar to yours have done in the marketplace. We can help you research your idea and its feasibility and even help you to take your concept, develop a functional prototype, and then make it accessible to the general public to gauge their interest.
What does development of a mobile app require?
The process of developing software apps for mobile devices typically requires you to hire a company that has experience with all varieties of mobile apps and uses a tried-and-true development methodology. Developers of mobile applications produce a thorough development plan, design a UI/UX user interface, build all required installable software bundles, and implement suitable back-end services to serve the application. Also, throughout the development process, the app is put through a thorough and rigorous QA testing process.
Can you explain the difference between native app and cross-platform development?
The creation of native versus cross-platform apps differs significantly. For the Android and iOS platforms, distinct apps are created via native app development. Some single apps can run on both platforms thanks to cross-platform development. On their chosen platforms, native apps often operate flawlessly and place highly in their respective app stores. But native app development will be time-intensive and may be more expensive. Cross-platform programs that have been properly developed perform well and cost less to create. Moreover, cross-platform apps update quicker than native programs.
Can we choose to offer our app on just one platform – iOS vs Android?
In the past, businesses might have decided to create apps that support just one platform. Currently, both the Android and iOS platforms have sizable market shares, thus the majority of businesses decide to create apps that are compatible with both.
How do I know the price of app development?
Price or cost is one aspect that is entirely dependent on the quantity of features you intend to include in your mobile app. It will be easier for you to create and adhere to a budget if you understand what features and special enhancements your app may require. Like website development, creating an app will take expert design, UI/UX expertise, development skills, and QA/testing prior to launch. Talk with Lounge Lizard to get a thorough understanding of what’s needed to create and deploy a fully functional application.
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