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The sheer volume of Amazon shoppers is motivation enough to sell in the e-commerce platform. Amazon took a 4 percent share in the total retail sales in 2017 and 44 percent of all e-commerce sales in the same year. These numbers will definitely increase in the next several years as more people are shopping online for everyday goods.

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Is your business keeping up with this growth?

It’s no longer enough to just make a sale, you’ll need to have enough market share in order to experience continued success and grow your business at the same time. You could be a beginner that’s waiting for the momentum that may never come; a seller that pulled all the necessary marketing and yet receives underwhelming results; or an established seller that’s seeing a steady plateauing of sales – you need help to move forward and we are just the experts for you. But what exactly is Amazon SEO? Continue reading to find out.


The Basics of Amazon SEO

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Amazon is just basically a search engine, the Google of e-commerce so to speak. One of the key differences is that the stakes are high – the competition even higher. Failure to properly implement an Amazon SEO strategy may result in fewer sales.

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Amazon SEO mainly focuses on product copy optimization. This involves optimizing both existing and new products. Amazon’s algorithm, A9 has lesser ranking factors in comparison to Google search. There are two major factors in Amazon SERPs: relevance and performance. Relevance, of course, refers to the match level between the search term/phrase and your product. This is the reason why you need to optimize your product page.


Performance factors refer to both the product’s performance and your performance as a seller. In this regard, you need to optimize your product’s prize, conversion rate, and reviews. Conversion rates are especially difficult to ascertain in Amazon. That’s the reason you’ll need help from an Amazon service provider that can provide you with resources and tools to better optimize your products.


Products need to have optimized titles, tags, descriptions, and bullet points so that they can appear on the most relevant searches. You can further elevate the relevance of your product by optimizing your seller name and adding backend keywords in your account’s backend section.

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Photos are one of the most if not the most important element of your Amazon listing – people shop with their eyes first! Lounge Lizard’s team of graphic designers can optimize the images used for your Amazon product listings. We can enhance the quality of the photos, add eye-catching graphic embellishments, and more. We will use our creative skills to enhance your product photography. If you do not have any product photography to start with, we can offer professional photography services available via a third-party partnership.

Here are major advantages that you can enjoy from working with us:

High Sales Rank

Just like in Google SERPs, the higher you are in the results page, the better. The top of Amazon’s result page, the bestsellers’ list is one of the most coveted spots. Contrary to what you may think, sales rank isn’t only about high sales or product popularity. You’ll need optimized product listings in order to appear high in the traditional search ranking – increasing your product’s visibility and increasing your sales. With the help of SEO, you can provide better positive customer experience, a factor that directly impacts your rank.


Increase Brand Awareness

Visibility is key, especially in a large and competitive marketplace like Amazon. But it is also important that your brand is also visible on marketing channels outside Amazon. Amazon, after all only gets half of the product searches. You also need to rank organically in search engines, have a social media presence, and highly-qualified traffic to your website.


Win the Buy Box Competition

Over 90% of Amazon sales are from the buy box. The buy box is a strategic location where you can win against competitors selling the same product – you can win even against Amazon’s own products. We’ll help your products become buy box eligible by optimizing factors that affect your eligibility including pricing, customer feedback, and product inventory management.

Winning the buy box is especially crucial for those running Sponsored Product Ads. Your ads actually stop running once you lose the buy box. Something that you won’t want to happen since it will have a great impact on your overall product ranking and product sales.


Improve Your Overall Business Performance

See a revenue increase of up to 25% in the first quarter after working with us. We utilize data and performance-driven strategies that boost your business’ overall performance. Each strategy is tailor-fit for your brand, industry, products, and audience.

We won’t just work for you. We will be a part of your team, helping you manage your business’s workload so your in-house team can perform efficiently.


Data-Driven Strategies

We have a personalized and result-driven approach to every project. We build marketing strategies that specifically match the needs of your business and growth trajectory you have in mind. Your historical performance data, market, and competitor research are the basis for each strategy. This ensures that you can address the demands of your customers effectively.


Grow Your Market Share

Your company’s reputation grows with your business. Building credibility is an ongoing process that we would be glad to help you every step of the way. With the help of our suite of digital marketing services, you can grow from becoming just another seller to an industry leader.


Results that Speak for Itself

With almost two decades of experience in digital marketing, Lounge Lizard is one of the most trusted in the industry. We pride ourselves with excellent performance. We have dedicated and experienced team members that consistently deliver results that drive the industry forward.

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Trackable Results

We deliver results you measure. There will be no abstract growth reports, only hard facts and trackable analytics you can use to further drive your business’ growth.

Why Amazon Listing Optimization is a Good Investment

Amazon listing optimization has numerous benefits, especially as a part of a bigger marketing strategy. It can help your business capture further leads and sell more without spending more. Lounge Lizard takes this further, turning Amazon listing optimization into a great investment that your business can reap as high revenue and ultimately, market dominance. Our Amazon SEO and product optimization services will help your products appear in relevant Amazon searches, stand out against the competition, and encourage the continuous increase in sales.

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Lounge Lizard Amazon PPC SEO Package

An Amazon Marketing Specialist

We will assign one of our 200 plus marketing specialists to work on your project exclusively. Experience highly-personalized and hands-on project management where your opinion matters and your success is the priority.


Advanced Keyword Research

We combine the power of machine learning and our years of experience in SEO to search for high-value keywords that are relevant to your products and backend keywords for your product listings.


Product Description Copywriting and Optimization

Product copywriting is an important aspect of SEO. It should go hand in hand with keyword research and branding tone. Our expert copywriters will see to it that each product copy effectively communicates the product’s value proposition.


Product Photography Service and Optimization

We have professional photography services available via a third-party agency. Photo resizing, editing, and other visual optimizations are also in-house. If this service isn’t applicable to you, you can still receive a product photography best practices guide as a part of the SEO plan.

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Competitor Analysis

You need to not only understand your market but also your competitor. In-depth quarterly analytics reports will help you build better strategies to stand out within your niche and outperform competitors.

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Optimized Product Classification

Some products easily fit in a specific product category but it may surprise that you can actually place products in several categories and subcategories. We will ensure that your product is under relevant categories and subcategories that can provide the most value for your products.


Price Optimization

A product’s price is one of the best competitive tools you can have. A product pricing analysis is necessary for the creation of informed pricing decisions. Analytics will also help in creating personalized pricing optimization strategies based on real-time customer behavior and preferences, increasing product visibility and in the long run, product profit margin.


User Engagement Analytics

Aside from buying behavior and preferences, we will also help you analyze Amazon user engagement data. User engagement comes in different forms. They could just view or add your product to their cart. Understanding user engagement data can help you create strategies to improve user engagement and keep coming back to purchase your product.

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Product Inventory Monitoring and Management

We provide order processing, in-stock rate, perfect order percentage, and order defect rate monitoring. You will receive a notification whenever there is a problem in either the inventory and/or performance of products in the inventory. This inventory management solution ensures that there won’t be any hiccups in the SEO strategy.

What Lounge Lizard Can Bring into the Table

One sin that Amazon sellers often commit is performing DIY optimization. It sounds straightforward, but Amazon SEO and product optimization isn’t a one-click wonder. There are different facets and factors you need to consider in order for the optimization effort to work. For one, you can’t optimize a handful of products and ignoring the rest.

That’s why we’re here to help you. Lounge Lizard can offer you unparalleled service and the following professional approach into Amazon marketing. Each of our Amazon SEO plans includes services and tools that can help you get the most out of your SEO campaigns and more.

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