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The Impact of Local SEO for Your Business

What advertising and marketing strategies do you use for business? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may come in mind, but only as a part of a general marketing strategy. For many brick and mortar businesses, SEO is just another strategy to boost their digital presence – only their digital presence. Local SEO, after all, yields low search volumes after all. There’s no use in ranking for low volume keywords after all, right? The impact of local SEO to businesses may surprise you – in a good way.

Local SEO Will Help:

Connect with Nearby Customers

Local SEO will let customers easily find you through organic search. “Near me” searches had increased in the past several years. People search for recommendations on where to eat or stay when traveling and for customer reviews on the new store in town.

Increase Foot Traffic

An optimized Google My Business profile helps boost your business’ foot traffic. Business profiles appear not only on Google search result pages (SERP) but also on Google Maps. This is where potential customers can find updated directions to your store, opening hours, contact information, photos of your products/premises, reviews from Google users, and more information about your business.

Boost Credibility & Loyalty

You can boost your business’ credibility and customer loyalty. Your business’ online presence matters. Your optimized Google My Business profile is one way to prove your business’ legitimacy but it doesn’t stop there. Reviews can both bolster and destroy your reputation but with the help of SEO, you can actually turn negative reviews into a positive boost for your business. Negative reviews are still reviews. The number of business reviews is social proof but most importantly, it is a ranking factor in Google’s localized search results.

Generate Promising Leads

You will get the most number of qualified traffic compared to any other marketing campaigns. A majority of those who search for your business using local keywords have buying intent. More often, the low search volumes of local keywords deter businesses. When you fail to optimize your website for local search you are essentially wasting a lot of time and money attracting an audience that will never buy from your business.

Grow Your Business with Us

The most important question is can you do local SEO on your own? You can of course try, but the results would never be the same. Agencies like Lounge Lizard has the tools, infrastructure, and expertise to handle and manage local SEO campaigns.

You see, SEO isn’t superficial and it’s certainly not static. You’ll the tools and the bandwidth to handle multi-location data management. Local keyword trends change seasonally so should your optimized website copies. An outsourced local SEO solution is vital, especially for businesses with multiple locations.

Local SEO Campaigns that Fit Your Needs

Every business has different needs. Usually, it’s either to increase online visibility, increase the business’s website traffic, send more foot traffic to the store, or a combination of all of these. Whatever it is that your business need, we have solutions for you.

Each of our Local SEO Plans addresses the needs of businesses of different types and sizes. We will sit with you and discuss the extent of local exposure that you want, the number of locations you want to optimize, and of course, your budget.

Let’s Get Started

We offer four different plans for different types of local businesses:

Our basic plan is excellent for local businesses that have one or two locations. Included in the plan is one page of optimized copy every quarter. This content page is highly localized with local keywords, locally-optimized images, and multimedia content.

The advanced plan is for local businesses that have rapid expansion in their goals. This plan offers optimization of up to four locations with a minimum of three locations. The plan also includes two pages of optimized copy every quarter.

The market pro plan, on the other hand, is for businesses that have branches in five to eight unique locations. The number of optimized copy every quarter increase to three pages.

Finally, the enterprise plan is for businesses with more than nine locations with expansion goals in the near future. The number of optimized copies every quarter is still three pages.

As a full-service digital marketing company, Lounge Lizard can provide your business with a suite of marketing tools that can help you grow your business in no time.

Request for a custom quote now and work with our in-house team of experts.

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Lounge Lizard Local SEO Service Package

Local Keyword Research

Aside from the services stated above, every plan includes services that are similar across plans.

Local keyword competitor research includes up to five products/services.

Optimized Product Listings

Optimized product titles and meta descriptions. The limit is one keyword for each product (up to five products/services).

Local SEO Optimization

This optimization service is specifically for Apple Maps, Bing Local, City Search, and Yelp. This will boost your business’ online visibility and cover all channels where potential customers may search for your business.

Location Data Management Service.

This service covers more than 50 local websites (including social networks, local directories, local review websites, maps, and other local business websites).

Google My Business

Profile setup, optimization, and monthly performance reporting. This service also includes address matching, category setup and the addition of business photos to the profiles. You will also receive a monthly report on the performance of your GMB profile.

Facebook Business Page Set-Up

Lounge Lizard will also set up a Facebook check-in location for your business and verify the accuracy of user check-ins.

Citation Tracking System

We will track and confirm the accuracy of any online mentions of not only your business name but also address and contact information.

Business Website On-Page SEO

This service is only for your existing business website. On-page SEO will not only help your website rank higher and your local SEO campaigns to perform better. The tactics we use include keyword optimization, content creation, and photo alt tags.

Online Review Management

Manage customer reviews with our automated review management software. You will receive new review notifications so that you can respond and engage with your customers. The system also enables you to address negative reviews. You will also receive ongoing reports on customer reviews every month.

Monthly Traffic Report

Traffic is one of Local SEO’s key performance metrics. You will receive several monthly reports but the traffic report is probably the most important of these reports. We assure you that we will provide transparent reporting of your campaign’s performance as we work together on our shared goals – your success.

Campaign Timeline

Know where your local SEO campaign is heading and where. Every component of the campaign has schedules including ongoing services.

Dedicated Local SEO Expert

We value the investment of trust you give to us so we will make sure that you will receive hands-on attention.

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