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There’s a Need for Speed – Page Load Speed

Page speed optimization is a thing. At this time and age, internet user doesn’t have the patience to wait for a page to finish loading. Almost half of these users (47 percent) actually expect a page to load within 2 seconds. After 3 seconds of waiting, 40 percent of these users will abandon the said page. A Google representative was even quoted saying that 2 seconds is the threshold of acceptable e-commerce page load speed. This isn’t just because Google says so. More than half of online shoppers consider an e-commerce site’s load speed as criteria for their continued patronage.

Your Page Load Speed May Be Slowing You Down

Customer dissatisfaction on slow page load speed isn’t actually limited to e-commerce. Travel sites also experience low sales conversion performance due to slow load speeds. Most of the time, customers may continue with their purchase and never return to the site; others would just abandon their cart and look somewhere else. This is bad news especially for highly competitive industries like e-commerce and travel.

The bad news doesn’t end there. The site’s load speed can also decrease the volume of website traffic, SERP ranking (page load speed is a Google ranking factor), increase the site’s bounce rate, and of course, decrease revenue. Overhead costs, especially for marketing can also increase since you’ll need to compensate for the decrease in sales conversion.

We Can Improve Your Page Load Speed

Your website doesn’t necessarily need to be really slow to earn the dissatisfaction of potential customers. The slow load speed can affect the rendering of some vital elements of the page, negatively affecting user experience – a factor that affects an entire website’s overall performance data.

After learning what you can gain or lose, you may be wondering where to being in improving your website’s load time. Lounge Lizard page speed optimization service is one of the first places you should look.

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The Difference That We Can Make for You: Page Speed Optimization

Page speed optimization isn’t an end-all but it can surely improve your website’s performance not only in technical terms. The website’s traffic can significantly increase, there will be more pageviews with lower bounce rates and longer dwell times. The user experience will improve, increasing conversions and therefore increasing revenue. All these things are interconnected. If you ignore even the slightest underperformance of one aspect, the effect can be felt on your website’s overall performance. Even a 1-second difference in loading speed can affect the website’s performance either way.

Speed Up Your Site

How Lounge Lizard Can Speed Up Your Website

You may not know it but you’ve been losing thousands of dollars in potential income just because your site can’t load fast enough. And if you’ve never considered this a problem before, you definitely need our expert help.

Our page speed optimization service will help improve your site’s speed from 15 to 50 percent and Speed Score from slow to fast (according to the access you provide us). In order to do this, we will optimize different aspects of your website including:

  • Image compression and optimization
  • Minifying and combining JavaScript and CSS files
  • Website caching setup and configuration
  • Minimizing HTTP requests and reduce redirects
  • Minimizing time to first byte (TTFB)
  • Dedicated Hosting

Lounge Lizard Boosts your Speed and Success

These are just a few of the common ways to increase and optimize website load speeds. The implementation may vary according to your website’s design and structure but the concept is still the same. But in order for these solutions to work, you’ll need to work with us. We will provide you with a dedicated page optimization expert, speed plans that fit both your budget and needs and page speed insights that can help you further improve the performance of your website.

It’s only a one-time investment on your part. You can take advantage of our per-hour project packages and reap the benefits in the long run. After all, we at Lounge Lizard won’t just give your site a speed boost, we’ll also give you a boost for success.

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