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A black logo for MIND GAMES features a crown above the company name.

MIND GAMES is a luxury fragrance line that delivers a scent wardrobe of extreme olfactive signatures. Their niche fragrances are crafted by Master Perfumers, housed in statuesque bottles, and intricately contrived to embolden their consumers’ obsessions. These fragrances aim to transport you to the crucial moments of competition in a test of character, skill, and intellect. MIND GAMES prioritizes sustainability in every aspect of production and maximizes their products’ positive, social, and environmental impacts.


Technology used: Shopify


To best showcase and sell their line of fragrances, it was imperative MIND GAMES had an e-commerce website that is not only appealing and user-friendly but also robust with information to drive sales. They required a site that also immersed the customer into their product, including elements that utilized animation and video. A company’s website is its home, and without a good foundation for that home, the business won’t succeed in this digital world. MIND GAMES had no website previously, so this was their chance to establish a great foundation and grow their digital presence!


At Lounge Lizard, we always strive to create top-of-the-line experiences, and this time our Brandtenders served up a premium e-commerce website that exceeded all expectations!

After discussing MIND GAMES’ goals, our team went to work formulating a plan to integrate their luxury fragrances and chess’ complex artistry and strategy into an immersive shopping experience. This encompassed taking the core pieces of their brand and putting them together into a complete identity. 

It’s a website fit for a queen.

We wanted to deliver a website that communicates the brand story effectively plus gives a user experience that generates interest, desire, and action. Each fragrance has its own story, and we wanted to tell those stories effectively. MIND GAMES wanted a unique home that wasn’t a copy/paste template of what was next door — this website is 100% custom-made and tailored to their brand and needs.

It’s true what they say — it’s all in the details. Our Brandtenders went the extra mile to determine what was needed to make MIND GAMES’ website best-in-class. What type of SEO optimizations need to be made to increase organic traffic? What kinds of videos and animation effects would elevate the user experience? Figuring out how complex these elements need to be and fully optimizing this content on multiple browsers and desktops, tablets, and mobile devices was imperative to achieve our goals. The team even wanted to plan for what would be needed for future growth, implementing hidden areas to the website that could be activated later on. 

Ultimately, we helped build an incredibly beautiful digital home that highlights MIND GAMES’ core values and provides consumers with a seamless online shopping experience.


Traffic immediately began flowing in. Totaling over 3,200 users since the website launch in mid-September, they saw a 13% week-over-week increase in user traffic and an average engagement rate of 63% — now that’s a winning website!


A person browses the MIND GAMES website on a laptop.
A man browses the GRAND MASTER while on the new website for MIND GAMES on a smartphone.
A woman shops the new MIND GAMES website on her smartphone.
A woman reads about the MIND GAMES fragrance collections on her tablet.
The MIND GAMES dark collection webpage is showcased on a desktop.
A man reads about the art of perfumery on the new MIND GAMES website while on his tablet.
The new website for MIND GAMES is shown on a laptop, desktop, mobile phone, and tablet.
A person watches the animation on the new homepage for MIND GAMES while sitting at a computer in a living room.
In First Month
6.2K New Users
In First Month
Engagement Rate
Engagement Rate
Increase in total users

Life is Sweet, When Online Sales Go Up.

Anyone can develop an ecommerce Website. Not everyone can develop an ecommerce Website with the right brand voice, story and user experience strategy designed for optimal conversion rate optimization.

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