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Lounge Lizard is a top web development company specializing in custom built technology-forward websites that are fast and responsive, plus get results. With our unique mix of coding specialists, we are able to blend creativity and originality with robust, task-oriented APIs designed to optimize your user’s journey. During the development of a website, our team uses their vast experience in HTML, CSS, and a wide variety of advanced programming languages to bring your website to life.

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Browse through our case study portfolio for our digital advertising agency to see how we positively impacted growth and bottom line revenue for our many clients.
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Ll_portfolio ava

Colorado Rafting

AVA Colorado has grown into a significant force in outdoor recreation, maintaining a steadfast commitment to high-quality guest experiences and environmental stewardship.
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Ll_portfolio genius

Genius World

The purpose of Genius World is to remind people of their genius potential and help them develop their own genius traits to make this world a better place for all.
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Ll_portfolio vilogics


Our Brandtenders created the impenetrable Fortress, a cinematic brand concept with a world-class custom 3D environment that has led to a 200% increase in leads.
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Ll_portfolio axium

Axium Packaging

Axium Packaging provides next-generation packaging products that combine engineering expertise, sustainable practices, and deep industry knowledge to deliver plastic bottle packaging solutions.
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MIND GAMES Fragrance

With a stunning increase in sales leads and SEO performance, Silvercast’s new transformational site showcases their digital signage from the heart of Time’s Square.
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LL_Portfolio Winspire


Winspire crafts a gateway to philanthropic adventure, presenting an unmatched array of travel packages complemented by expert concierge assistance, ensuring the cultivation of enduring donor relationships.
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Ll_portfolio gdw

Gold Dust West Casinos

With a modern, design-forward spin on casino websites, Lounge Lizard created a multi-facility rebrand and Hollywood-style websites for Jacobs Entertainment’s Nevada flagships.
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LL_Portfolio Whirley – 1


Whirley-DrinkWorks! specializes in designing and manufacturing reusable food and beverage products, with over 300 employees and global offices ensuring comprehensive service worldwide.
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LL_Portfolio Strategic Audit Solutions

Strategic Audit Solutions

Strategic Audit Solutions delivers comprehensive audit services, specializing in recovery audits and risk assessment for corporations, enhancing financial performance and operational efficiency, serving clients nationwide.
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LL_Portfolio OSG

OSG Analytics

OSG’s portfolio of proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning tools and behavioral analytics methodologies go beyond trends and uncover the full spectrum of customer behavior.
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LL_Portfolio Blue Owl

Blue Owl

With 200+% increase in organic traffic, Blue Owl’s stylish, modern website and brand attracts investors in the private-equity market from New York to California to London.
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What we do

Solutions for Every Type of Business

No business is the same—that’s why we have provided website development solutions to over 600 organizations from e-commerce, b2b, b2c, and non-profits meeting each specific company’s needs. When it comes to custom website development services, Lounge Lizard’s dev team leads the industry.

Boost Your Online Presence
Client Benefits

What You Get

Over 80% of potential customers find products and services online — either through search engine results, online ads, social media, or directories. As your website development company, we do everything in our power to provide fully working, rigorously tested sites that surpass the needs of our clients while increasing their clientele.

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Website Development Services

For full-stack solutions, our tech wizards are fluent in sites written in JavaScript, PHP, and Python + have an excellent grasp of the latest HTML and CSS standards.

LL_Services Icon_Responsive

Responsive Website Development

By optimizing processes like image compression and caching setup and configuration, our specialists can increase your site’s performance by 15 to 50%.

LL_Services Icon_eCommerceDev

E-commerce Website Development

Your website should serve as more than just an electronic brochure. It should motivate customers to take action and give them the confidence to buy.

LL_Services Icon_CustomWP

Custom WordPress Development

Our team will customize your WordPress site to be unique and tech-savvy, while delivering a site that can be maintained without extensive coding knowledge.

LL_Services Icon_Shopify

Shopify, Laravel, Magento

Using Shopify, Magento, Laravel, or others, our dev team ensures your customers have a great user experience that inspires repeat visits and drives sales.

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App Development

Our engineers design and develop best-in-class web apps that are user-friendly, intuitive, and capture and implement our client’s goals for new and legacy app solutions.

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Advantages of a Web Development Agency by the Numbers

Here are just some of the results we have realized as an internet advertising agency with a potent mix of expertise, creativity, and online marketing knowledge, plus a commitment to understanding each client’s business and competitive advantages.

New Sites Launched
Average Page Speed Increase
Engagement Rate Increase
Domain Authority Increase
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Your Development Partner

Why You Should Choose Lounge Lizard for Web Development

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Full-Service Website Development

As a professional website development company, we interpret your vision and user journey into a fully realized digital entity.

Custom 3D Configurations

We engineer powerful 3D configurations that bring product personalization that boosts customer engagement and closes sales.

Responsive Mobile

Using the latest in AMP technology, we create webpages that load faster and perform better on handheld devices, PCs, and laptops.

Terrific Value

For the website development price, your business receives outstanding value on your new site as its created, tested, and deployed.

Website Maintenance

Our website maintenance plans include everything your website requires, from minor content updates to extensive design upgrades.

Hosting Services

By hosting your website with Lounge Lizard, your website enjoys security and ongoing maintenance at a very cost effective rate.

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LL_Awards Recognition 2024

Lounge Lizard Awards

About Website Development Services

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Our responsive web development services bring technologically advanced, visually stunning, and user-friendly websites to our clients through our dedicated and experienced team of developers.
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Our Clients

Phia logo
Blue, red and black logo for Altech Services.
A turquoise and navy blue logo for CoValence Laboratories.
Analytica logo
The SaviLinx logo with a blue background and orange and white text.
A logo for CCI Health Services includes an orange, lime green, and chocolate brown lotus.
The logo for Gen II.
A gold logo for The Lodge Casino with evergreen trees.
A logo for The Gilpin Casino in black and gold.
A Gold Dust West Reno logo with black copy and gold stars.
Roco logo
A black logo for MIND GAMES features a crown above the company name.
The new logo for Sun Home Saunas includes an orange drop of sweat.
An orange, black and white logo for WebsiteClosers.com.
Gold and dark blue logo for EmPRO Insurance.
A charcoal gray and sky blue logo for Gen II.

Web Development Process

As a premier website development agency, our Brandtender team uses a multi-prong approach with the development team involved from the start. Part of the value in our web development cost is this intricate team effort from start to finish.
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Project Launch

We are interested in learning what has and hasn’t worked. We take time to learn about your company, your business strategy, and the goods or services you provide.
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Refreshing Brand

Whether your brand is just being developed or well-established, our team can assist you in defining your strategy because we know that it drives the entire design process.
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Retro process step circle mobile

Wireframing & Prototyping

The design team at Lounge Lizard develops the site layout and wireframe while the graphics design process is in full swing in order to give the project structure and a clear path for its development.
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Retro process step circle mobile

Design Creation

Working alongside the design pros, our development team collaborates on components that will give functionality, speed, visual appeal, and innovative applications to the site.
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Retro process step circle mobile

Content Creation

Content is produced using your brand voice to describe your goods or services and leads users through your new website. Every piece of copy is keyword-based and SEO-optimized.
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Retro process step circle mobile

Site Development

The development team delivers the HTML, CSS, and related code as the design is united to produce a unified and functional website.
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Retro process step circle mobile


Functionality, responsiveness, and speed are given top emphasis during rigorous testing to provide a competitive advantage.
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It’s time to launch once all testing is done and the necessary preparations have been made. Congratulations! Your new website is now active and completely operational on the web.


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LL_Testimonials 2024

“I am constantly impressed by the level of talent and professionalism that the team exhibits.”

Lounge Lizard Worldwide has delivered a functional website that the client can easily update. The team has impressive talent and professionalism, exceeding the client’s expectations. Lounge Lizard Worldwide completes work on time and is very communicative, addressing web issues within 24 hours.

Director of Ecommerce
The Fragrance Group

“I now understand why they’ve received so much industry recognition.”

The logo has garnered unanimously positive feedback. Committed and easy to work with, Lounge Lizard built a robust understanding of brand identity and translated it into a visual design. Their smooth collaboration and extensive industry knowledge are particularly noteworthy.

NuLife Nation

“Lounge Lizard genuinely cares about their customers.”

Lounge Lizard was able to take an abstract idea for an app and bring it to reality, while staying true to the original vision. Overall, the app’s design and usability were outstanding. The agency distinguished themselves with their personable, responsive communication style.


“I found their process impressive…They delivered everything as promised and as expected.”

The team successfully delivered a modern website with the capacity for easy updates. Lounge Lizard communicates proactively to ensure compliance with expectations and customer satisfaction.

IT Manager

“Lounge Lizard is approachable, reachable, flexible, and supportive.”

The user-friendly mobile app has received extremely positive external feedback. Lounge Lizard’s responsive team delivered a simple yet advanced product. In addition to having strong technical capabilities, they are quick to learn the skills necessary to deliver on the commercial scope of a project.

Sr. Product Manager
Watts Water Technologies

“Their desire to truly understand our business goals for the new website was impressive.”

Lounge Lizard delivered an engaging, beautiful website, which was well-received by the end clients. Their team impressed the client with their genuine desire to understand the firm’s business goals for the website. They were also professional, timely, and communicated via email and virtual meetings.

State Farm

“The new website they developed is easier to navigate.”

Lounge Lizard’s output was easier to navigate than their previous platform. Its features were also linked to the client’s CRM platform. Their most impressive features included their high communication levels.

Marketing Manager
Voice for Pest

“The people at Lounge Lizard are very bright, very knowledgeable.”

The design phase was completed successfully. Lounge Lizard did an exceptional job of answering questions and delivering high-quality work. The team earned especially high praise for their broad development knowledge and enthusiastic, cooperative approach.

Medical Research Mobile App

“They’re great communicators, so we had a fantastic experience.”

The new site has received positive feedback from the internal team on it’s look and feel and helped solidify their new branding. Lounge Lizard is informative and collaborative, establishing a smooth workflow. The team goes above and beyond to meet the goals and requirements set by the client.

Social Media Manager


Why use a custom-built WordPress site?
WordPress is the #1 Content Management System (CMS) and website development company in the United States. It also offers a vast array of plug-ins, SEO optimization tools, and security solutions allowing you and your organization to manage, upgrade, and maintain your system going forward.
Do you only create WordPress websites?
No, in fact we offer sites built in Shopify, Laravel, Magento, and others. Contact us to discuss which type of business you have and the best solution for your next website.
Does my site need to be HTTPS?
Absolutely. Without a valid SSL certificate, most browsers will display a red warning to users letting them know that your site is a security risk drastically affecting your organic search results. An SSL certificate also gives you and your customers peace of mind knowing that your content can’t be altered, and your customers’ information is secure.
Can you give me a price for website development?
Costs can vary depending on the type of site you envision, the number of pages you want, and any ancillary add-ons, like 3D configurators, animations, or custom-built APIs. It’s best to talk with us and let’s brainstorm your ideas. From there, we can determine a price.
Will my newly launched website be mobile-friendly?
Without a doubt! As a premier web development company, we understand the importance of mobile responsiveness and our entire design and development process is focused on providing a website that works equally well on smartphones, tablets, PCs, and laptops. Having a mobile-friendly site is critical when over 65% of organic searches are smartphone-based. Today, people use their phones for everything, and you don’t want to miss opportunities or leads because your site doesn’t render well on a hand-held device.
How do I maintain my new site?
A website needs routine maintenance to maintain its adaptability and dependability. While you and your team can probably make most minor changes to dates or adding blogs and events, it makes sense to engage an ongoing maintenance solution for upgrades, security changes, and staying current with industry requirements. Of course, we can assist you with expert website upkeep in addition to hosting services, as this helps to achieve steady growth and maintain the direction of your organization.
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