Two men look down and work while standing at a table at Twisthink.


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What is Twisthink? It’s a company twisting together left-brain and right-brain thinking for more than 20 years. Their team of strategists, designers, engineers, and developers creates radical digital strategies and solutions that connect human needs with emerging technologies.


Twisthink's former website is shown on a desktop computer.
Twisthink's new website is shown on a desktop computer.
Technology used: WordPress


Twisthink came to Lounge Lizard Worldwide for a website redesign and rebranding efforts to position the company as the powerhouse it is. With an impressive portfolio that boasts clients such as BISSELL, Flexco, charity: water, and Stryker, Twisthink welcomed a new perspective from Lounge Lizard to help the company grow its brand identity, quality leads, and team.


How do you make an impact? 

Be bold. In words, images, design, and purpose.

Twisthink trusted the Brandtenders at Lounge Lizard to be ambitious and help them create a brand and website all about being a positive influence for clients and the community.

Images evolve. Businesses grow. 

Twisthink realized it had outgrown its website and branding image. After getting to know their team during several branding and design meetings, our Brandtenders knew they needed something audacious yet professional. Something next-level yet results-driven.

Twisthink leads clients through high-level digital strategy followed by creating tech-forward solutions.

What came to the minds of our Brandtenders?

Chunky and bright san-serif headlines. Copy that was concise and creative while also SEO-optimized.

Twisthink is no longer a startup, but its team has that same energy and passion that many startups possess. They are elevated, more sophisticated, and global-focussed.

Their logo was refreshed, with an added letter mark that is tech-forward and transcendent across the company’s products. The letter mark (used in different colors for products) is a multi-colored plus symbol, evoking positivity, technology, and impact. A text version of a plus-sign is carried through the website and used on photos to encourage website visitors to click and read captions. 

An extensive brand guide covers the logo, and letter mark uses and colors, and acceptable images and iconography representing the new Twisthink.

Brandtenders took the brand guide an extra step and created a presentation template that will be used for sales presentations after the rebranding launch.

One of Twisthink’s pain points: Explaining what they do.

Through copywriting and UX/UI design, Brandtenders set out with the intent to get Twisthink’s services, values, and experience across to new website visitors. Case studies and strategies hold equal weight. They’re also captivating to read, not your typical ho-hum reports.

The use of motion guides the user experience through their work and their digital savviness. Images tell their story in an in-depth way. 

While designing their website, our Brandtenders presented a mood board for Twisthink’s photographers to capture the company in a new, modern light. Those images are anything but stock photos. They are the heart and soul of the company. See how Lounge Lizard brought the team into focus here

You’ll also find inspirational quotes from the Twisthink team and clients throughout the website.

The future is innovative. It’s bold. And there’s a company website to go with it.


The team of Brandtenders designs websites and writes copy with the “7-Second Rule” in mind. Their goal is to grab website visitors’ attention within 7 seconds or less. 

If the website has clear branding and messaging, website visitors will understand what the company offers and who they are in 7 seconds. With that clarity, visitors’ time on the website usually increases, and the bounce rate decreases.

Shortly after launching, analytics for Twisthink show there is already an increase in the average time website visitors are spending on the website and the average number of pages per session.

Lounge Lizard is anticipating even more positive organic results as time goes by.


Twisthinks product names are at left with a black and white circuit board at right.
A collage of 4 webpages from Twisthink.
Two men look down and work while standing at a table at Twisthink.
Twisthink's new icons are shown in sky blue at right and the black and multi-colored letter marks are at left.
A man holds a phone that features Twisthink's new website.
Twisthink's new website is shown on a desktop computer.
A woman holding a cup of coffee looks at Twisthink's new website on a tablet.
Twisthink's new website is shown on a laptop.
Increase of time spent on page
Increase in average number of pages per session
Brand Voice
Transformed the brand identity with logo, letter marks, and content.

Tap Into Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard Brandtenders and Marketing Mixologists always serve up custom concoctions. We mix a potent combination of brand story telling with a generous splash of creative juices and blend in technology-focused, customized solutions as a chaser.

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