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NEG Natural is one of Mexico’s top energy providers and a leader in sustainable energy conversion. It’s part of the publicly traded multinational sister corporations Alfa and Alpek and based in Monterrey, Mexico, and Houston, Texas. NEG assists clients in making the switch to more environmentally friendly practices so that their businesses can continue to grow by providing industrial customers in North America with power supply and emission offset devices. NEG produces more than 450 million cubic feet of natural gas daily while offering creative options for purchasing energy services and environmentally friendly goods.


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Technology used: WordPress, PHP, Javascript


NEG Natural was positioned as a standalone entity and needed to have a new website that represented their solutions in a ‘green-oriented’ way. Their products and solutions included low-carbon energy products, carbon offsets, and renewables, and NEG wanted to communicate its commitment to a clean energy future.

The overarching objective of the new website was to be clean and uncluttered with imagery depicting people and green energy at work. They also wanted to use a similar color palette to the new Alpek website (designed by Lounge Lizard previously) to create brand cohesiveness.

Additionally, NEG wanted to address its specialized labor needs. The goal was to entice the best and brightest in the clean energy field through an interactive career recruitment page that allowed direct contact with the company and encouraged uploading resumes.

As a subsidiary of Alfa and Alpek, NEG also wanted an entire page dedicated to its Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) efforts as required by the Mexican Stock Exchange and in keeping with their sustainable solutions persona.


Following a very successful full website design and development project for NEG’s parent company, Alpek, Lounge Lizard was engaged to create a NEG site that was fresh and modern with the speed and mobile responsiveness required in today’s high-tech world.

The new website focuses on NEG’s commitment to transitioning to a clean energy-based society and uses bright color and movement to draw the user further along the customer journey with expanding pop-ups for things like employee bio overlays and call-to-action buttons that animate, transition, and change color.

NEG wanted to accommodate their multinational audience, and Lounge Lizard outfitted the website with a language translation integration that toggles between English and Spanish.

ESG was given a defined presence on the website with its page, links back to the Alpek ESG strategy (which they fall under for regulatory oversight), and detailed stories about their efforts, including their collaboration with the Alfa Fundación to proactively promote the hydrogen industry in Mexico. And as a special effort for the company’s governance policy, a standalone Transparency Helpline sticky CTA button was added, linking to a page listing numbers in Mexico, the U.S., and four South American countries where they have operations.

The careers page has an expanded job form with an upload feature to capture potential applicants and is protected using the reCAPTCHA integration. There are also customer portal sections and a thought leadership page hidden at launch but ready for use when the company dictates.

In addition to the tech-forward development, the new site was also given a strong SEO focus with keyword research that defined its industry solutions and title tags, meta descriptions, and alt image tags that carried through the overall brand experience and increased the organic search traffic.


The new NEG Natural website was welcomed to offer solutions to sustainable energy concerns and answer questions about having a great impact on the environment and a healthy planet. With its bold, colorful design and clean layout, the new site is now seen as a collaborative member of the Alpek family of companies.


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A person browses the NEG Natural website on a laptop.
Increase in Organic Traffic
Increased Traffic in Mexico
Increased Traffic in South America
Google PageSpeed Insights Score


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