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Why You Need Amazon Advertising Management Services

SEO isn’t just enough. Amazon is a very competitive marketplace. You’ll need a more competitive – even aggressive marketing strategy.

Amazon’s PPC campaigns are powerful. The average conversion rate of Amazon PPC is 9.8%. This is from about 10% of the total clicks that Amazon receives from its 2.3 billion monthly visitors. Aside from the obvious benefits, Amazon PPC also has a direct influence on the performance of your business – if done right.

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Why you need a Campaign Management System

Just like with any digital marketing and advertising endeavor, you’ll need to have the know-how and the resources to make the most out of the campaign’s conversion potential. As said, Amazon is very competitive. DIY SEO and advertising campaigns won’t be able to deliver the results you expect. You’ll need a more organized and thorough campaign management system that doesn’t only enable campaigns to run effectively but also deliver consistent results.

That’s what Amazon PPC advertising management services can provide and more. PPC management agencies can efficiently and effectively run PPC campaigns at a lesser cost and effort on your part.


Benefits of Amazon PPC Advertising Management Services


Advertising Cost of Sale or ACoS is one of the most important metrics in Amazon PPC advertising, especially on Amazon Sponsored Product campaigns. It is basically the ratio of ad spend and total sales (ACoS = ad spend/total sales). ACoS, therefore, measures the success of an ad campaign.

PPC advertising management agencies have teams and advanced tools in their disposal to research for high-value keywords with relatively low CPCs.


More than half of online Black Friday sales are from Amazon. And while peak months drive more sales across Amazon, it is important that you make the most out of the sale opportunity and bite a large chunk off the market.

Advertising management agencies will help you achieve this goal by collaborating with product strategies. They’ll help you select new, seasonal, or fast-moving products to promote during the peak months, ensuring that you’ll earn the maximum ROI for an entire product line.

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Amazon is an excellent venue to spread brand awareness. Online shoppers consider Amazon as the go-to website for searching for products – even when they don’t plan on buying from Amazon in the first place. You can run PPC campaigns to improve both your product and company’s visibility on Amazon. Your Amazon Marketing Specialist will ensure that your PPC campaign will work in conjunction with other digital marketing strategies to further improve your brand’s visibility on and off Amazon.

This will mean that your Amazon Marketing Specialist will create a combined SEO and PPC strategy to make this happen. This combination will also enable you to reach the right shoppers and increase conversions in the long run.

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Making a sale can be a long shot if you’re just an obscure seller among dozens selling the same product. Together with brand awareness campaigns, your Amazon Marketing Specialist can build a strong brand image for your company. This may entail more visibility, sales, and positive customer experience, things that can boost your company’s growth and dominance in your niche.


Success on Amazon combines both the performance of a product with the performance of an individual seller. Conversion rates are particularly hard to distinguish on Amazon. This is the reason you’ll need expert assistance from a professional Amazon service provider that can equip you with the proper tools to further optimize your Amazon listings.

Increase Your Sales and Lower Your ACoS with Lounge Lizard’s Amazon Advertising Management Services

Lounge Lizard’s Amazon PPC management service provides a well-rounded approach to campaign management. Increase your sales and revenue without increasing your ad spend. Be proactive in your approach to PPC advertising. Work with our expert Amazon Marketing Specialists and grow your business with us.

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Amazon ad types that we cover

Sponsored Brands (formerly Headline Search Ads)
These keyword-targeted ads appear on top of Amazon’s search result page and can include a custom headline, brand logo, and ASIN images. You can promote up to three products per ad. This type of ad is excellent for brand awareness and increasing traffic.

Product Display Ads
Are interest-targeted ads for driving traffic to the product detail page. These ads can provide you an opportunity to divert traffic from competitors, one product at a time.

Sponsored Product Ads
These ads are keyword-targeted and allow you to advertise a single product.

All of our Amazon Advertising Management clients receive:
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Access to an Amazon Marketing Specialist

This specialist will work exclusively for your campaign, ensuring that you will receive the best possible result.


Campaign Management Options

You can select between automatic or manual campaign management.

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Advanced Keyword Research

Our team utilizes the top tools in the industry to research not only for high-value keywords but also for negative keywords that can help lower your ACoS. Each plan includes 20 keywords for each of your products.

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Competitor Research and Analysis

We would gather data from your competitors quarterly. We will use this data for comparison and improvement of your campaign.

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Real-time Campaign Insights

You can access and monitor in-depth insights into the performance of our strategies.

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Monthly Reports

Receive transparent monthly reports that show the performance of your campaign as well as the effectiveness of our data-driven Amazon PPC campaign strategies.

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Amazon Subscribe and Save Recommendations

We provide further avenues for sale through product recommendations.

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Promotion Management

We will also manage your promotional campaigns including Lightning Deals and coupons.

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Brand and Marketing Content Enhancement

As a full-service web design company, Lounge Lizard’s in-house design, copywriting, and marketing teams will provide you with high-quality product descriptions, copy, and images. This service extends to marketing content enhancements for those with vendor central accounts. The enhancements include user experience and product pages.

Why Lounge Lizard is the Best Choice for Amazon Marketing

  • On-demand campaign insights
  • Tailor-fit advertising strategies
  • A team of highly experienced Amazon Marketing Specialists
  • Hands-on campaign approach
  • Transparent pricing and performance reporting
  • Guaranteed client satisfaction

For almost 20 years, Lounge Lizard built its reputation as one of the best in the industry. All of our plans and services have transparent pricing and reporting. Contact us now for a custom quotation and let us help you grow your Amazon business.

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