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Evolv Technology, a purpose-driven company founded in 2013, has a proven track record of transforming human security by replacing metal detectors with AI-based touchless security screening that detects intruders, concealed weapons, and health threats. Evolv’s highly accurate products keep people safe where they gather while enhancing each visitor’s overall experience. Believing that an outdated security standard hinders us as a society, Evolv uses sensor technology and a proven AI software platform to give people peace of mind and transform how they interact with the world.


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Technology used: Next.js, Node.js, Prismic.io, AWS Amplify


In initial kick-off discussions with the Evolv team, Lounge Lizard’s Brandtenders approached the project with a clear focus on SEO and outlined a plan to address the three most significant pain points:

  • Not enough organic website traffic
  • Not enough new leads are coming from the website
  • Not enough conversion of website traffic (whether new or existing leads)

Through extensive SEO and CRO audits, Brandtenders created a first-level plan to completely restructure and redirect multiple site domains/URLs into a single domain, significantly enhancing search engine results and improving organic search traffic. The professional SEO services team launched multi-faceted efforts to increase organic search traffic to the site and pump up the volume of high-quality MQL leads.

In addition, an ongoing SEO strategy placed Lounge Lizard’s professional SEO team front and center in implementing premier SEO tactics that produce long-term results and ensure the website’s success in the future. 

Next, the design team crafted a new website to match the company’s tech-forward products. The website design services team would strategically place a new carousel above the fold with a strong ATF message, clarify CTAs, headings, and subheadings throughout the website, and improve overall navigation to align the user experience with Evolv’s intent. This included creating easily changeable modules that allow the Evolv team to maintain or change content, images, and videos easily.


Leading off the project, the Lounge Lizard SEO team isolated the multiple duplicate domains. It consolidated them into one open, crawlable primary domain that would no longer ‘split’ the ranking authority that Evolv had been experiencing. 

This required the SEO team to choose one domain as the “true canonical” and then use 301 redirects to refocus the others at the server level employing mod_rewrite code. Doing this consolidated the content, incoming links, and PageRank and significantly increased the root domain authority of the site.

Brandtenders developed a modern, clean, minimal design with streamlined, SEO-optimized website architecture. The aesthetic guiding the creative team was to create a site that functions well in terms of usability and user experience, which included adding interactive animation, clear color contrast for accessibility and compliance, strong CTAs prompting the user to interact, and highly effective use of video compilation throughout the homepage. The new site is simple yet contemporary.

For imagery, the team added a humanistic lens showing people, family, and friends, focusing again on safety and care. All video and imagery were reinforced through the associated messaging, e.g., gather in safety, lower your venue’s risk.

The design team incorporated fresh, exciting ideas to engage customers, such as a scrolling banner that follows the user down the page. The content was another big focus, with clear, absorbable information for the user to follow and track what is needed throughout the site with solid references to thought leadership (blog, partnerships/clients, top resources, and events). 

With the new site underway, the paid media and search engine optimization teams at Lounge Lizard set the stage for launching premier SEO tactics on behalf of Evolv. Initial SEO and CRO audits provided a clear roadmap for improving organic traffic and lead conversions.

This included adapting the website to Core Web Vital standards, implementing on and off-page SEO, including keyword research, optimizing titles, meta tags, and alt image tags, and ensuring H1 headers were implemented correctly.


Brandtenders put forth a full-scale effort to produce updated content throughout the website, focusing on SEO-optimized blogs, case studies, and press releases. While addressing capitalization variants and compliance, issues were identified, and updating was made a top priority for the development team, as was implementing Google Analytics 4 well before the looming deadline.

Increase in Session Duration
Increase in Conversions
Increase in YOY Traffic


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Lounge Lizard Brandtenders and Marketing Mixologists always serve up custom concoctions. We mix a potent combination of brand story telling with a generous splash of creative juices and blend in technology-focused, customized solutions as a chaser.

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