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Altech Services is a nationally recognized leader in solutions-based field services staffing. They provide human capital and recruiting, project management, and commercial real estate services to transit authorities utilizing light rail and passenger transportation within the public sphere. With decades-long experience in the nationwide transit industry, Altech brings inventive solutions through industry-leading recruitment, state-of-the-art technology, and outstanding scalability for short and long-term projects.


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As a fast-growing staffing solutions company, Altech Services had outgrown its existing website. It could no longer present the brand image it wanted to project or provide the recruitment and staffing functions required for clients and applicants.

With their decades of experience, Altech wanted a site that showed fast-moving transportation solutions indicative of the transit environment where their teams operate. They also wanted a website capable of showcasing Altech’s large, complex projects and industry-leading clients, as well as their diverse workforce and services, including human capital management, commercial real estate, project management, and inspection and surveillance services.

Altech was also looking to upgrade its existing careers page to make it more robust and searchable, with the ability to upload resumes and notify applicants with the right skill sets. With recruitment as their primary business focus, having a careers section that was easy to manage and update was imperative.


Envisioning a crisp, modern website, the Lounge Lizard design team created a website structure that guides visitors to their intended destination from the first landing. Whether the visitor is a company looking for exceptional recruitment for temporary or direct hire staffing, a potential applicant interested in open positions, or a transit authority representative looking to expand a corporate footprint, the new Altech website flows easily with user-friendly design elements.

The opening hero section quickly grabs attention with fast-action animation focusing on iconic transportation venues, including Grand Central Station in New York City. From there, each page shows inventive use of animation with floating titles and images that pop to guide the visitor to crucial information.

Opting to forego the standard horizontal menu, our Brandtenders used a full-screen overlay menu sourced through the hamburger icon, creating an eye-catching alternative. The main sticky menu, which includes a ‘Find Jobs’ tab and a ‘Find Talent’ tab, follows from page to page, allowing visitors always to have the ability to jump to a conversion point.

With a collaborative partnership that included Altech’s leadership team, content, and CTAs were developed to create a cohesive brand while highlighting the unique services, history, projects, and clients that communicate Altech’s services and solutions.

Brandtenders paid extra attention to developing a full-scale recruitment page with a fully integrated career application streamlining Altech’s hiring process. And to ensure that companies fully understand the depth of services provided, a new ‘Employers’ page detailed the benefits of using a staffing solution like Altech, including payment solutions, insurance and retirement services, and human resources management.

As with all Lounge Lizard design and development projects, we took great care to ensure the website met or exceeded page speed and mobile responsiveness requirements to rank well on all search engine results pages.


Altech’s new website sets a high bar in the staffing and transportation industries by presenting its business in a new and original way. The new site uses lightning-fast animation to create a sense of fast-moving action and urgency vital to Altech’s business. With a full complement of services and completed or ongoing projects, a visitor to the site has all they need to find the perfect solution.


A man uses a smartphone to display Altech’s new website.
The new website Altech Services is shown on a laptop, desktop, smartphone, and laptop.
A man visiting the Altech Services website on his home PC.
A woman uses a tablet to review staffing options on Altech’s new website.
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A man uses a smartphone to display Altech’s new website.
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The new website Altech Services is shown on a laptop, desktop, smartphone, and laptop.
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A man visiting the Altech Services website on his home PC.
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A woman uses a tablet to review staffing options on Altech’s new website.
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Lounge Lizard Brandtenders and Marketing Mixologists always serve up custom concoctions. We mix a potent combination of brand story telling with a generous splash of creative juices and blend in technology-focused, customized solutions as a chaser.

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