Physician’s Reciprocal Insurers

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Physician’s Reciprocal Insurers

Physicians’ Reciprocal Insurers (PRI) is a medical malpractice insurer for doctors and healthcare facilities in New York State. PRI is well known for their risk management programs and next-level care that they provide for their clients. In addition to providing elite coverage, PRI offers clients a wide variety of complimentary programs focused on Physician Wellness. These events vary from live Broadway star performances to information webinars from leaders in the healthcare industry.




Physicians’ Reciprocal Insurers enlisted Lounge Lizard’s Marketing Team with the goals of increasing PRI’s visibility online, obtaining new leads, fostering current clients, and organizing and managing their customer relationship management system.


First step before any marketing solutions are proposed or initiated is research. In order to fully grasp PRI’s mission, identity, and goals, we took a deep dive into the medical malpractice industry. This research included a thorough study of competitors, relevant industry keywords, and trending topics. PRI’s long-standing history was also examined as well as their current digital standing including domain authority, keyword ranking, average number of online users, and bounce rate. This information was crucial in developing a marketing plan that fostered PRI’s current advantages and added support to the areas that PRI held room for improvement. Using the research conducted in phase one of the marketing process, we were able to create comprehensive audience segments and high priority keywords to target via Google search, display, and re-targeting ads as well as social media ads and boosted content. Using their current contacts and leads obtained from their website, we curate and distribute campaigns that work to inform prospects about new services, events, and company updates. PRI is unique in the fact that they not only provide top-level protection for their clients, but they also provide a wide variety of complimentary services to their customers and leads alike with the goal of promoting physician wellness. This high-quality content sets PRI apart from its competitors and is leveraged through our use of these events in campaigns, ads, and onsite content.

Lounge Lizard also designed and developed PRI’s Quick Quote tool. This preprogrammed asset can gather crucial information from healthcare providers and facilities, apply relevant discounts, and return an estimated quote to the user in under two-minutes — a stark contrast to the typically long, arduous process that used to be industry norm.


Since partnering with Lounge Lizard, PRI has seen an increase in website traffic, optimized their lead journey process in Salesforce, increased their conversion rate by 433.95%, and sent out dozens of successful email campaigns. Our latest accomplishment together, has been the branding and launch of their new subsidiary, EmPRO Insurance. View that project here.



+ 22 % Organic Users

Organic Users

+ 576 % Paid Users

Paid Users

+ 11 % Direct Users

Direct Users

+ 434 % Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate

+ 498 % Conversions



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Physician’s Reciprocal Insurers

Physicians’ Reciprocal Insurers fulfills doctors’ insurance needs and continues to be a leader in providing coverage to medical professionals, hospitals and healthcare facilities.