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OCEANO3 pure Antarctic krill oil is a superior omega-3 supplement offering the highest levels of EPA, DHA, and astaxanthin. Ocean Remedies Sustainably Sourced Fish Oil has clinically shown to deliver 3X more EPA and DHA than a regular fish oil.





Ocean Remedies hired Lounge Lizard to create a Shopify ecommerce Website for a new product line of fish and krill oil. The purpose of the website is to educate consumers. on the health benefits of these oils from the sea and promote purchase.


Our approach for OCEANO3 pure Antarctic krill oil and Ocean Remedies Sustainably Sourced Fish Oil leveraged our unique branding process and belief that total immersion into the lifestyle needs of the consumer is essential for ecommerce success. What we don’t believe in is asking our clients for a logo and corporate brand guideline and pump out an ecommerce site. This would be counterintuitive to our agency belief and branding process, and our desire to invent and write unique brand voice messages that emerge with a powerful online brand presence that aligns with the consumer lifestyle and health needs. Instead the agency process started with multiple client brand strategy workshops driven by unique and strategic questions around our “7 Second Rule” methodology and the desire to truly connect and understand the brands health benefits and nutritional product offerings. Lounge Lizard designers had the vision to design a humanistic and consumer friendly site around organic and relatable imagery that drove purchase and lead capture. When asked “why choose Lounge Lizard?” our answer is: “The approach, that’s our brandtenders and marketing mixologists specialty cocktail ingredient”.


Lounge Lizard not only delivered a powerful visual experience that captured the health benefits of OCEANO3 pure Antarctic krill oil and Ocean Remedies Sustainably Sourced Fish Oil but optimized the user experience design and direct response strategy for a notable increase in sales.




On target with clients Revenue KPI’s


Capture of Product Health Benefits


Completion of Cart Sale

Clients feel better, when Online Sales Go Up.

We understand brand strategy, consumer psychology, and what it takes to make a sale.

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