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About AnimalPak

The #1 selling, award winning training “pack” in the world since 1983. In those decades, more competitive bodybuilders have cut their teeth on Animal Pak than any other bodybuilding supplement in history. IFBB pros and Mr. Olympia competitors have been using AnimalPak since ’83.



TECHNOLOGY USED: Magento, WordPress, PHP


Universal Nutrition hired Lounge Lizard to create a new e-commerce Website that appealed to the unique lifestyle of elite body builders and serious work out enthusiasts and increase sales of not only the Animal Pak vitamins and workout enhancements but Animal Pak gear.


Our approach for Animal Pak by Universal Nutrition leveraged our unique branding process and belief that total immersion into the lifestyle of the consumer is essential for ecommerce success. What we don’t believe in is asking for the Animal. Pak Logo and corporate brand guideline, and simply start “Designing and Developing” the new commerce site. This would be counterintuitive to our unique agency process, and our need to invent and write unique brand voice messages and emerge with an online brand presence that aligns with the consumer lifestyle. Instead the agency process started with several client brand strategy workshops driven by unique and strategic questions around our “7 Second Rule” methodology and the desire to truly connect and understand the brands unique history and nutritional product offerings. This included visiting several gyms to speak with elite body builders and serious work out enthusiasts and brick and mortar stores that sold the products so Lounge Lizard brandtenders could be immersed in the consumer experience. Lounge Lizard designers had the vision to design the site big and bold and around powerful black and white imagery that portrayed the consumer lifestyle that drove purchase and lead capture. When asked “why choose Lounge Lizard?” our answer is: “The approach, that’s our brandtenders and marketing mixologists powerful ingredient”.


Lounge Lizard not only delivered a powerful visual experience that captured the day in the life of elite body builders and serious work out enthusiasts , but optimized the user experience design and direct response strategy for a big increase in sales.



 2 Million Muscle Pumping Sales Increases

Muscle Pumping Sales Increases

 100 % Capture of Consumer Lifestyle

Capture of Consumer Lifestyle

+ 33 % Increase in User Engagement

Increase in User Engagement

Clients get pumped up, when Online Sales Go Up.

Anyone can develop an ecommerce Website from a pre-existing template. Not everyone can custom design an ecommerce Website with the right brand voice, story and user experience strategy around a consumer lifestyle.  We understand brand and what it takes to make an ecommerce Website successful.

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