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Colorado Rafting’s parent company, Arkansas Valley Adventures (AVA), a distinguished leader in Colorado’s outdoor adventure industry, has been defining the thrill and essence of adventure since its inception in 1998. Now celebrating its 25th anniversary, AVA Colorado continues to captivate guests with its extensive range of outdoor experiences, including rafting, ziplining, and Via Ferrata. Founded on a serendipitous ski lift encounter, AVA Colorado was the brainchild of Duke Bradford, who envisioned a guest-centric adventure company. From humble beginnings with just four boats and a small team, AVA Colorado has grown into a significant force in outdoor recreation, maintaining a steadfast commitment to high-quality guest experiences and environmental stewardship. The company’s dedication to excellence has earned numerous accolades, such as Tripadvisor’s Certificate of Excellence and the Best of the Rockies award. As AVA Colorado looks back on a quarter-century of adventure, it remains dedicated to innovation, sustainability, and enriching the lives of its guests through unforgettable outdoor experiences, hence its collaboration with Lounge Lizard to create a memorable user experience beginning with booking adventures on its website


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The primary goal for was to enhance its digital footprint with a state-of-the-art website that underscored the company’s status as a leading figure in the adventure tourism sector. The client envisioned a modern, intuitive design that would immediately draw visitors into a captivating, immersive experience from the moment they landed on the homepage. They aimed to present a vibrant, animated atmosphere that reflected the thrill of their services and facilitated a user-friendly, engaging platform that encouraged quick and effortless bookings.


Lounge Lizard adopted a meticulous, hands-on approach to meet Colorado Rafting’s unique demands. The project was initiated with comprehensive workshops and interactive live sessions that allowed the development team to fully capture and translate the client’s vision into a functional design. Regular weekly check-ins were instituted to ensure alignment with the client’s expectations and to make timely adjustments based on ongoing feedback. The technical strategy centered on using high-caliber design tools such as Adobe XD for crafting user interfaces and user experiences, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for creating compelling graphic elements, Adobe Premier for editing and integrating high-resolution videos, and Slickplan for orchestrating an effective site structure. A pivotal aspect of the project was integrating the Ventrata booking system, which was seamlessly embedded into the site to streamline the booking process and enhance user interaction.


The comprehensive overhaul of the Colorado Rafting website directly addressed and rectified the initial challenges faced:

  • User Experience: The new website design eliminated the fragmented user journey previously encountered, establishing a fluid, straightforward pathway to booking. The interface was simplified, making it highly user-friendly and significantly reducing the time and effort required to navigate the site.
  • Functional Integration: The new system needed to integrate functionalities, such as the calendar, maps, and booking interface, better. This integration eliminated the cumbersome need to visit multiple subpages to complete a booking, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the user journey.
  • Aesthetic and Interactive Elements: The site was enriched with various custom animations and high-quality videos that dynamically showcased Colorado Rafting’s adventures. These elements were optimized to ensure consistent performance on both desktop and mobile platforms, thereby broadening the site’s accessibility and appeal.


The redesigned website was launched with glowing reviews and demonstrated immediate enhancements in user engagement metrics. The integration of compelling visual content and streamlined navigation significantly increased the site’s appeal, leading to higher visitor retention and conversion rates. The direct outcomes included an uptick in bookings through the website, augmented time spent on various pages, and improved overall page speed—all critical indicators of a successful website redesign. achieved a more attractive and effective online presence, thus reinforcing its position as a pioneering force in the adventure tourism industry. 

By delivering a tailored solution beyond basic functional needs, Lounge Lizard enabled Colorado Rafting to realize a visionary transformation of its online portal. Thus, the company set a new benchmark in user engagement and digital marketing within the tourism sector. Undoubtedly, the new website will inspire new and returning adventurers alike.


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