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GENLED Brands is a worldwide LED lighting solutions leader with offices, factories and distribution centers on six of the seven continents. An industry pioneer and thought leader, GENLED Brands acquires companies that work together collaboratively and are future-focused. They provide access to global LED manufacturing, supply and distribution infrastructure, allowing them to create leading-edge designs while developing products that meet the most stringent testing requirements for performance, reliability and safety.
GENLED Brands, formerly Agilight, acquired Acolyte in 2018. They began rebranding themselves as GENLED Brands, offering both Agilight, which offers premium innovative signage lighting, and Acolyte, which provides unmatched custom architectural lighting solutions for interior and exterior projects.





GENLED Brands needed a website that would not only add life and interactivity to their current site, but also encompass their unparalleled commitment to progression in technology and sustainability. Since each division offers thousands of products, multi-level search functionality was a necessity for sitewide ease-of-use for their customers.
It also needed to showcase the custom aspect of Acolyte products, and position Agilight products as top-of-line, premium quality products, all in one site.


Lounge Lizard brandtenders were excited to get started in solving GENLED Brands’ digital pain points.
GENLED Brands’ website was designed to highlight them as the overarching company, while bringing Acolyte and Agilight brands under their umbrella. Even though there had been little overlap between the Acolyte and AgiLight products and divisions previously, it was now necessary to show their combined vision and capabilities in both industries.
With user experience as the primary focus, design decisions relating to site navigation, product selection and search, customization and providing all-encompassing product information was key to satisfying existing customers and attracting new business partnerships. An interactive agent finder was implemented to assist customers in finding and collaborating with international designers and top product specialists.
GENLED Brands’ website was developed in WordPress from a “Custom layout and design” specially designed for their needs.


Prior to launch, GENLED Brands chose to share the BETA link with 50 of their top clients, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Lounge Lizard was honored to be selected by GENLED Brands for this project and will be continuing the agency partnership with them.



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Lounge Lizard brandtenders and marketing mixologists always serve up custom concoctions. We mix a potent combination of brand story telling with a generous splash of creative juices and blend in technology-focused, customized solutions as a chaser.

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