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Top 5 Tips To Freshen Up Your Content Marketing Plan

“Everything changes and nothing stands still,” is a quote from the Greek philosopher Heraclitus and while he could have just as easily been talking about the flow of a river, he also could have been thinking towards the future and the need every online business has to freshen up a content marketing plan.

Realistically he was not envisioning the internet when he said this most famous quote, life in 500 BC was a bit different after all, however that philosophy is one that can apply itself to numerous aspects of life most notably business.

Content marketing is the business process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable (to the target audience) content that will then attract, acquire and engage your target audience. Savvy business owners take the time to craft a content marketing plan because statistics have shown that those with a written plan are much more successful than those without.

But, you need to then take things one step further because any good plan should also be fluid and able to adapt to the inevitable changes that will occur. That is why we are happy to share our Top 5 Tips to freshen up your Content Marketing Plan.

Top 5 Tips to Freshen it Up

  • Embrace Change – Many people become married to ideas and plans. We have to do this because that is how we got here! However while that, or similar ideas might be true, change is inevitable and quite frankly if you see something in your existing plan isn’t working then stop beating a dead horse and bury it. You need to experiment, especially when you are not meeting the goals you want for you plan and that includes making adjustments in all areas from content to timing to delivery. Of course that doesn’t mean wholesale changes, but rather using statistics and A/B testing to find weak links along with better methods to improve them. After you adjust a strategy stick with it long enough to assess it and then evaluate again.
  • Employee Insights – Employees can be one of the best resources a company has when it comes to topics that will resonate with the target audience. Often they are at the heart of more matters and have more contact with customers than management and because of this are more in-tune with concepts that are fresh, interesting, relevant, and innovative without becoming repetitive or boring.
  • Timeliness – For every target demographic there will be important dates and special events. For example, parents pay more attention to school calendars with associated breaks than young adults or retirees. It is important to pay attention to what is important to your users and then try and use that awareness in the content you deliver. By building special days, seasonal changes, cultural changes, or special holidays into your content calendar your messages will not only resonate more but will also earn you credibility and trust with your audience as you are taking the time to truly speak to them.
  • Plan Keywords – Ideally you should be planning your keywords based on which relevant terms are going to have the highest search volume. That way you are planning your content subject based on what people are already looking for. Taking the time to plan in this way not only means that you are producing good content to meet your calendar dates, but also that the content is something users want or need which helps establish you as more of an authority. That doesn’t mean they have to utilize all keywords or stuff headers with them, but having a group of target keywords help writers focus better and craft content with keywords as part of the creative process.
  • Research Competition – It is always valuable to use some form of competitive analysis that shows what your competitors are doing and how you stack up. How can you one-up what they are doing? If they produce a ton of content, can you produce higher quality content with better reach? If they produce content only once a week and you do twice a week, is your schedule overlapping theirs or do you put out content when nobody else is? It pays to understand what everyone else is doing and then adjust your plan to take advantage where you can.

As wonderful as having a content marketing plan in place is, you have to remember that all plans should be flexible and open to change. Take the time to consider our top 5 tips to freshen up your content marketing plan and see which tips can help you get a leg up on your competitors.

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