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Where does Mobile Marketing SEO go from here?

Quick, what is one of the cheapest options for online advertising? If you answered mobile advertising then give yourself a cookie. How many web searches do you think come from mobile devices? The number was over 10% last November and no doubt after the Christmas rush on new mobile devices is probably now a few points higher seeing as that it experienced a 3% increase in the 6 months prior to that.

What that means to you is that Mobile SEO marketing should now be an important part of your plans for 2013 and beyond. That 10% number is going to do nothing but grow as new products that are faster and cheaper keep rolling out. Pretty soon even your grandparents, if they aren’t already, will be using a smartphone.

Key notes about Mobile SEO

  • Mobile SEO and Local SEO are just about the same thing. While there are some slight differences and might be more in the future, for right now consider them one and the same. For the most part when you are searching on a mobile device it is to find something very specific, local to you.
  • A responsive design is a superior option over a separate mobile site. There are a few good design reasons behind this but the biggest push is honestly because Google said so. With Googlebot Mobile for smartphones out there, it makes sense to do what the biggest player in the game wants you to do.
  • Mobile users have to be targeted differently than desktop or even laptop users because as they are on the go, typically they are looking for different information. That information needs to be readily available at the top or near the top of the page.
  • Speed is what you need. Even on a G4 network users should not be waiting forever to load a site. They want it and they want it now. Information should fit cleanly on a site, load quickly, and not require a bunch of resizing.

Ways to up your Mobile SEO game

  • Always list your company with the online Yellow Pages. A number of mobile services have the Yellow Pages application pre-loaded which then is used for local searches. Your business needs to be listed properly. Also keep an eye on development trends to see if anyone else takes the place of the Yellow Pages or at least competes as a pre-loaded application.
  • Take the time to claim your business anywhere that you can. That means on Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Business, and even Yelp. Then make sure you completely fill out those profiles. Far too many businesses, small and large, claim the space and then put a minimal amount of information which hamstrings search options.
  • Ask for reviews from friends, contacts, and even family on Google. The more the merrier! Even if a few unflattering reviews show up, with reviews it is a sheer number game so you need to goose that number up.
  • Aim for shorter keywords. If you are using a keyboard on a mobile device you want to type less. If you are using a voice command you do not want to use long words that can be scrambled up. You need to cater to how people want to search if you desire the maximum return.

The Bottom Line

Smart phones are everywhere. It is almost impossible to find someone these days that does not have one except in emerging markets and there are strong expectations for growth in those areas. Tablets are certainly not far behind. If you don’t agree then visit any college campus and walk into a classroom. You will see more than half the students using tablets for taking notes, among other things. Our future generation is being weaned on smart devices.

What that means mobile SEO is in a make or break position for any company that relies on serving a specific geographic market. Businesses like the food service industry, retailers, self storage, and other location specific stores are those with the most to gain…and lose. While other industries will be affected, it won’t be to the same extreme.

The bottom line is that mobile SEO is poised to be a very big deal for a lot of companies in 2013. With mobile users becoming more of a driving force for certain businesses, making sure you are optimized to capture that audience is paramount to a successful future.

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