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What Is The Difference Between Good And Great Web Designers?

What is the difference between good and great web designers? That is a very important question if you are in the market for a new or re-vamped website and you have decided that your business needs a great, not just good, website.

Like in any arena, there are certain qualities that the great ones always possess which puts them head-and-shoulders above the rest of the pack. In the case of web designers and web developers there are a handful of skills and habits that they employ which allows them to time and time again craft masterful designs that not only delight clients and help exceed business goals, but also win awards and recognition by peers on the national and international stages.

Tips from the Masters

  • Design should be highly intuitive – A great designer crafts something that in turn means users hardly have to think about what they are doing when they land on a page. Why is that important? The answer has to do with enjoyment and the positive effect that has on the user experience. The longer it takes them to figure out how to use something, the less enjoyment they are having while the faster they pick things up the happier they will be with the experience. Crafting a pleasurable experience for users is a win-win scenario for both the designer and the users.
  • Data is a valuable tool – There used to be a time where you designed more on feel, but there was also a time when phones were always connected to the wall. Times change and with them the tools we use for our jobs such as the use of data in web design. Facts and figures now must play an important role in design because users as a whole are a much more complex group than they used to be. The use of data helps to create user personas, usability testing and insights that are critical to a successful final product.
  • Always design for the users – Some designers suffer from an ego problem where they feel that their knowledge and talent means that they can craft the best design. While that might be true for their own needs, a web designer should always be considering the users goals, needs, behaviors, preferences and the like when crafting a design. It is a matter of giving the customer what they need and not just what you think they need. Leave that ego at home along with your personal tastes and focus on creating collaboration that will wow the user and the clients.
  • Never skip the basics – There are certain basic levels of design that all sites need to have before moving beyond to the advanced aspects. It starts with functionality because if things do not work properly everything else is pointless. Next it needs to be consistent and reliable. From there you jump to the usability and intuitive nature of the interface before you finally reach the pleasurable and fun factors of a pleasing design from an aesthetic sense along with providing stimulation and enjoyment. All basic aspects of design have to be met for a truly great site.
  • Copy is powerful – A great design functions on many levels and great designers know this which is why they place a premium on the words placed on the site. Copywriting and web design can complement each other or clash with each other. A great designer understands this and makes sure that they have the right people providing the words that match the personality of the site to create a harmonious flow. Content should never be an afterthought.

The bottom line

The bottom line is that a great designer crafts great web pages, not by accident but because of hard work, experience and a dedication to the craft. The difference between good and great web designers goes beyond just what they do, but also why they do it which is because they have that desire and drive to be great and simply won’t settle for being good.

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