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The Power of Branding

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If you are reading this article then more than likely you or your company does…

Companies that have not taken the time to create or cultivate a brand are really missing out on a huge marketing aspect that helps define who you are to potential customers. Generally speaking a brand is any part of a name, symbol, term, or some combination that identifies one group. It is also used to set yourself apart from other groups that might offer the same products or services.

Don’t you want to be singular and stand out from the crowd? Look at some of the biggest brands out there that are instantly recognized by a name or symbol: Apple, Nike, Coca-cola, Microsoft, or Disney. When you see that silhouetted mouse head you know exactly what it is about.

Your Brand Can:

  • Confirm your credibility
  • Motivates customers
  • Creates a connection to prospects
  • Delivers your message


You know what you are going to get from a well-branded product. When you think of Volvo’s for example probably the first word that comes to mind is ‘safety’. They have done an excellent job with that brand if it creates such an instant trigger in a consumers mind. Think about how brands can also sell almost any product. Apple could probably produce an absolutely awful phone and dub it the iPhonePOS and people would still likely camp out overnight to be the first one to grab one. I’m surprised Apple hasn’t started selling iPaperTowels and iBatteries.

“A great brand can speak volumes with just a few syllables.” ~Lois Geller

But if you want to develop your own brand it is something that takes a little bit of time an effort as each company and its goals are unique. Often times people might think, “Hey let’s get a brand real quick,” but that is a rare occurrence unless there is already a strong brand in place to act as the parent and this new quick brand would just be a sub-brand. Otherwise you are going to need to follow the proper process of figuring out your brand.

Luckily there are plenty of professionals with the experience and tools to make this happen because the process is rather involved. It is like you are creating a new identity for your company to display proudly to the world. It needs to plant itself within the consumer base, say something about your business, connect with that target audience, motivate them, and be memorable. That is a whole lot of things to be covered especially when you consider the information you need to determine before getting to those steps of properly identifying your target audience and understanding how to connect to them.

The Bottom Line

A great brand is a necessity in today’s business world. With so much business taking place on a national and global level with the internet expanding markets left and right, it pays greatly to create something that is recognizable and noticeable at a glance. You want to stand up and stand out at all times so potential customers and existing customers have an easy time finding you on this increasingly crowded landscape.

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