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The Insider’s Guide To Local SEO Tips

Local SEO is a very significant aspect for some businesses. As Google has shifted gears in their search algorithms, giving local search results more prominence with mobile searchers and desktop, the importance of optimizing your business from a local standpoint has increased. As one of the top web development companies in the country, we are happy to share the Insider’s Guide to Local SEO Tips.

While there are a lot of good local SEO tips out there, these are the ones that we have found to be the most useful and effective for the numerous businesses we worth with.

Top Local SEO Tips

  • On-Page Optimization – This probably seems like a no-brainer, but the best tip is to ensure that you have optimal on-page optimization. This includes making sure the Title Tag contains your city and state, including your service and location in alt text for images and of course your logo, including local information in your content, and including local customer reviews and testimonials that reflects the location of the person providing the review. You should also place important, local, contact information on every page. You can go further such as adding your city or region along with relevant keywords in your H1 tags or even embedding a Google Map with your business marker on your landing page or About Us page.
  • Mobile Friendly Site –If you still don’t have a mobile friendly website, then you can expect that your rankings will suffer; website mobile friendliness is a Google ranking factor. Giving any and all current or potential customers a great experience on either desktop or mobile is key to generating more conversions and making more revenue.
  • Request Reviews – Reviews are a powerful endorsement because they build credibility and trust. There are a lot of ways to ‘entice’ customers to leave reviews and it is well worth looking into them regardless of if they are only on your site or are on your Google+ page, Facebook, Yelp or the like. All of these review sites will help beef up your local reputation in rankings.
  • Build Local Links – Local link building is important to local SEO. There is a whole slew of ways to this that can also help with your local networking and garnering more awareness for your business within the community.
  • Use Social Media – Whatever platform your customers use, you should be on with links back to your business. Social Media can drive business, especially locally. However, make sure you take the time to do research and confirm where your customers spend time as you really only need to focus on their primary home and not every social media account, as that can be a lot to regularly maintain.
  • Take Advantage of Google – Your Google My Business Page is just out there waiting for you to claim and it will help you with your local rankings. Take the time to complete as much as the profile as possible and then aim to work on it regularly, keeping it up to date. Make sure you use the right category for your business and take the time to write a nice, descriptive business description. High quality photos are a nice addition to your profile along with linking to your primary webpage and social media pages. As we mentioned in reviews, you should try and get some reviews here as well because anyone who finds you here will want to see positive feedback from other customers.
  • Consider Voice Friendly Keywords – As more people search from a mobile device and take advantage of Voice Search that means keywords and phrasing needs to be thought of from a ‘speaking’ perspective. Think of how you or your friends use voice search compared to when you type in words in a search bar. People talk and type differently so you need to consider keywords that encompass both worlds.
  • Include Direct Data – Direct data is the detailed information a complete listing should provide, and you should be providing on your website. That means along with a phone number, email address and physical address you should be including hours and any other details customers want to know without having to contact you. For example, one local restaurant received multiple calls each day asking about the days and hours of their evening Happy Hour. That was something that should have been listed on their website, social media accounts and anywhere else customers find them because people obviously want to know that information.
  • Focus on Customer Service – One of the biggest keys for local SEO is providing customers with a positive experience from first contact through purchase. The customer experience has become more vital because of how people use information, especially reviews from past clients. Anyone who has spent time on Yelp will understand the pain of negative reviews to a business and often that comes from having a bad customer experience and utilizing the internet as a forum to air that frustration. By focusing on customer service you have a better chance of nudging happy customers towards posting positive reviews while a lesser chance of facing negative reviews which often directly affects obtaining new customers.

Local SEO is vital for any business that depends on local customers. Our Insider’s Guide to Local SEO Tips lists our favorite and most effective tips that have helped businesses of all sizes and types excel within their local market and can help you too!

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