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Signs that your Website needs a Redesign

Why does a business need to redesign their webpage? It seems that lately numerous companies are re-launching new websites with much fanfare and with good reason. Amid constant changes in technology along with design trends and capabilities, how sites are being accessed and used is changing.

Is your site up to date enough?

Changing a website isn’t just about the images and colors. Advancing technology means new problems, functionality, presentation, how easily they can be updated and more. If you aren’t sure if your site needs a re-design, answer these basic questions to get a better picture.

Signs you need a redesign:

  • Is your website responsive? – Having a device friendly site is critical these days. By “device friendly” we mean easily viewed on tablets and smart phones as well as a standard desktop. People use a wide range of devices to access everything on the internet and your site should be ready to handle any and all of them with a single site that responds to the needs of the viewer and not vice-versa.
  • How easy is it to update? – Keeping your site updated and fresh is vital in today’s internet world. If you aren’t keeping it updated why is that? Is it technologically hard? Do you not have a basic content management system installed? Do you still have your 2012 copyright banners up? If people visit your site and find that everything is out of date, what does that say about you and the company itself? Does that mean you aren’t even in business?
  • Does your site load slowly? – Slow load speeds are so last decade. The trend now is to make sites load as fast as possible without downloading as much information. Primarily this has to do with download usage costs the end users pay based on download volume, but also nobody likes to wait. The rule of thumb is 5 seconds. If it takes any longer to load people get irritated and your site needs to be adjusted.
  • Do you have outdated or unused aspects to your site? – Nobody likes clutter or wasted space and that goes for a web page as well. If you have buttons, features, or information that nobody uses then why waste the space with them? It makes your site look old and you could easily replace them with something useful.
  • Can search engines find you? – This is rather important because if nobody can find your site using Google or Bing then you are missing out on business. Generally the big 3 (Google, Yahoo, Bing) prefer sites that use proper SEO with keywords in content, headers and tags along with regularly updated content. Proper coding is important to the end result because you could be either missing vital points or have mistakes that could be causing problems. Google your company name and see where you stand.
  • When was the last overhaul? – A good rule of thumb is 2 years for content and design and 3 years for functionality (such as responsive design, social media integration, HTML5). Some sites should consider overhauls more often depending on purpose and traffic. High volume sites should be ones that keep up with current trends to keep those visitors happy.

Things to consider during redesign

  • How is your site being used? – By looking at current metrics you can gain a better idea of how people currently use your site.  Learning how visitors find your site, what they do when they are there and sales conversions is invaluable. Then you can combine this information with your goals to create a better design plan for success.
  • What currently works? – Also what doesn’t work! Some elements will stay and others will have to go. Again, metrics will help decide which aspects are more important. Try not to become married to an aspect of your site just because you like it. If it does nothing for your business just let it go.
  • How has your brand changed? – Changes in your image need to be reflected on your site. This can be something like a slogan, an image or even a shift in philosophy. Many times your website acts as the first impression people get of your business so it needs to be accurate and current.
  • How should you re-launch? – Ideally you want to generate maximum buzz and traffic over a re-launch. A good marketing plan will integrate a re-launch in with another event such as a big promotion, sale, tradeshow or some other event.

The Bottom Line

It is up to you whether or not you decide to redesign your business website. For most company’s an overhaul is always a good idea because in today’s world newer is almost always better. But, if you find that your site is current and up-do-date enough, you now have a good idea of what to look for in the future as key indicators of when then next update should be made.

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