Scope, Approach and Methodology

Scope, Approach and Methodology

For each project, a Lounge Lizard project manager will manage the project, and will be available as a point of contact throughout the lifetime of the project.  This individual will coordinate the efforts of the Senior Designers overseen by the Creative Director, and Technical Developers overseen by the Director of Technology.

Over the years, Lounge Lizard has developed and perfected an organized method for managing web development projects which is both efficient and fulfilling for its clients.

After contract negotiations which explicate the complete process are finalized, Lounge Lizard will analyze the company’s visions for a website for example, and gather a proper idea of the objectives and provisions which the site will conform to.  Through correspondence, a concept will be developed which is agreeable to the client.  Lounge Lizard will then collect all relevant corporate imagery, and any design requirements or stylistic guides provided by, or developed in conjunction with the client.  With these items, the design staff will draft all necessary high-level overview materials.

The designers will then construct the first set of design compositions.  During this time, technical staff will be setting up any underlying framework and investigating any necessary software integrations.

The client will approve a design composition, and provide feedback and any necessary changes through a number of rounds of revisions.  When the design is finalized, our developers will begin to transform the concept art into functional coded pages, as design staff will proceed through the same process for secondary-level designs.

Technical staff collaboratively develops the backend framework and front-end implementation using Subversion repositories for revision control and file history.  User facing code is section 508 compliant and adheres to the W3C guidelines for accessibility.  Design implementations will be performed to fit a minimum monitor specification of a 1024 x 768 resolution.

Programming is thoroughly tested for both functionality and security throughout every stage of the development process.  Before delivering any materials for the live site, our code goes through a final quality assurance phase.  At key points in the development process, the client will be given access to Lounge Lizard housed development/staging servers; the client will be aware of the visual and technical direction and will revise and approve of the project’s progression through designated revision rounds.

When Lounge Lizard has completed the project, prior to the launch date, the client will be trained on the functionality of the final product and any software with which they will have direct interaction.  Lounge Lizard will be available for technical questions, which may arise both before and after the launch.