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Top 10 Best Financial Services Website Designs

In the past decade, the internet revolutionized the way we handle our finances. With just a simple click, you can easily transfer money, file for a loan, or handle your taxes. Financial services websites are at the forefront of this revolution and yet, some of these websites actually make the digital transition quite difficult. There is one major reason for this: website design.

As a web development company, we take into consideration five major aspects of website design: customized branding strategy, visual impact, innovative and intuitive UX and UI designs, excellent copy and high usability. Financial services websites are no different, their specific function even calls for a different approach in UX design. The overall feel of the website should be professional and yet personalized. People entrust their finances to these websites. They should feel secure and confident about the website’s integrity as a financial service and at the same time, they should feel comfortable using the website’s features. A lot of financial services websites fail on the latter part. This is because websites like this can easily become intimidating for casual users. Take these top 10 best financial services websites that excel in their approach in not only web design but also in user experience.



Betterment Website

Betterment welcomes visitors with a bold and direct copy. It directly sells its product without sounding too salesy or detached from its target audience. The effective use of photography also provides a strong visual impact amidst the black background.


Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley Website

Morgan Stanley informs and speaks to their website visitors instead of trying to sell to them upfront. The winner of the Webby Awards People’s Voice Award (2016), Morgan Stanley showcases their services, products, and achievements through articles that are prominently placed on their homepage. The headlines are thought-provoking and paired with striking visuals. The website’s layout is straightforward even when it features a considerable amount of content.




ClearScore is one of the few websites whose design actually reflects the quality of its service. It promises to deliver clear credit scores and reports laid out in a beautiful manner. The website itself is laid out in a basic layout with defined segments and relaxed color palette. Another winner of the Webby Awards People’s Voice Award (2017), ClearScore knows how to balance content volume with design and navigation elements.


Triodos Bank

Triodos Bank Website

The Triodos Bank website creates quite an entrance even before you get to their homepage. The investment bank uses Captcha Technology to make a point against automated investments. Triodos successfully illustrates its people-centered investment concept through the power of photography.


Intuit Turbotax

Intuit Turbotax Website

Turbotax’ slogan is “putting the fun in refund.” The winner of The Webby Awards People’s Voice Award (2018), Turbotax offers straightforward design and navigation. It focuses more on usability and content, resulting in a basic branded aesthetic that is recognizable across Intuit’s suite of tools and services.



Ellevest Website

Ellevest won several awards and recognitions including ones for website design and user experience. As a women-centered and tailored investment platform Ellevest uses imagery and bold copy to send a message of empowerment.



Insurify Website

Insurify won the 2016 Web award for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development. It is the first ever car insurance agent to utilize predictive modeling and advanced analytics. Industry-specific branding colors are used on the website, especially on the homepage.



Nutmeg Website

Considered as one of the most innovative in the industry, Nutmeg is a multi-awarded digital wealth manager with a straightforward and consistent approach to web design. Nutmeg’s website highlights the advantages of their products/services. Graphical elements are scarce as the products are presented with strong copies that provide an air of transparency and trustworthiness.



Wealthsimple Website

The winner of several awards and recognitions in website design, Wealthsimple has a design concept that is similar to its name: simple. Wealthsimple uses eye-catching and interactive animations, lots of blank space, and concise textual content to present different page segments. The design elements are consistent all throughout the website.



Pangea Website

The Finder Money Transfer Award-giving body awarded Pangea the Best User Experience and Fastest Transfer awards in 2017. Pangea speaks to the audience by directly addressing their needs. The layout and arrangement of the segments ensure that the visitors become more invested in the product as they scroll down.


Different companies have different approaches to website design. But we believe that the branding message should be clear and resonate to the intended audience almost instantaneously.


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