Python Development Company

What does it mean to be a Python development company? Generally speaking it means that you have a staff with people experienced with using Python as a programming language for creating a wide range of web products and applications.

In a nutshell there are a handful of computer programming languages out there that people use to create things. Java and C are still primary styles used but there are also things like C++, PHP, Perl, Visual Basic, JavaScript and Python that are used. For some, Python is considered the programming language of choice for serious developers.

Why Python?

Python is a robust language and employing a firm, like Lounge Lizard, that can code and develop web pages and applications in Python works towards your benefit. Bank of American uses Python as the backbone of many of their critical systems because it uses a relatively small quantity of lines of code. This makes it easier to debug, less likely to have issues and more maintainable.

Where is Python used? Beside at Bank of America, it is used behind the scenes at YouTube, DropBox, Reddit and Quora. Google even includes it as one of its official programming languages.

The coding enables flexibility which is useful in a wide array of things from websites and web applications to desktop apps. Plus is helps reduce the time it takes to get products to market which for businesses that are in a hurry to update or upgrade their websites and apps, is a big plus.

Lounge Lizard employs some of the top programmers in the industry and will use different programming languages, Python included, to ensure that clients get the best possible product to fill their needs.

While not every project will require the use of Python, employing an experienced Python development company like Lounge Lizard ensures that if Python is the best choice for a project, it can be implemented.