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Our Top Tips For Sending Out A Great Holiday Newsletter

It’s holiday newsletter time! At least it is for those businesses that take advantage of this perfect end-of-year marketing vehicle. Even though we are a web design company and app developer, we are also a business and because of that we understand the value behind a well-written newssheet. So without further adieu we would like to share with you our top tips for sending out a great holiday newsletter to help connect with customers, boost sales and conversions as well as setting the tone for the following year.

Top Tips for a Great Holiday Newsletter

  • Consider your goals – What are your goals for the newsletter? Are you looking to re-establish a relationship with the forgotten part of your mailing list? Are you trying to drive sales now or at the beginning of the year? What is the point of this communication? There should be an underlying business goal that is the focus of this project.
  • Start with thanks – Much like Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful and thankful, your newsletter should start by showing appreciation to your customers or members. They have helped your business be what it is so make sure you let them know that they are appreciated.
  • Use a nostalgic theme – Generally speaking a holiday theme is the perfect concept for a holiday newsletter, but why not go one step further? By taking your theme back a few generations you can also tap into nostalgia, which helps connect you emotionally to readers. So look for something a bit more retro this year as your holiday theme to use throughout your newsletter. It is recommended to avoid religious overtones while focusing on the more accepted mainstream design elements and colors.
  • Localize if you can – A great personal touch is to add local connections within your theme. For example, in New York you might use the iconic Christmas tree from Rockefeller Center as an image. You want to unite locally when you can to help people feel that personal connection to you and your business.
  • Showcase your brand – In everything you do that connects you to a customer, from emails to social media to your website; showcase your brand. Use the same fonts you use everywhere else. Take your normal logo and dress it up slightly with holiday accouterments. Integrate your color scheme when possible. Make sure they connect this newsletter easily to you and reinforce your branding.
  • Don’t forget to sell – At some point you need to include the sales pitch for whatever your goal is. Whether it is drumming up sales now, adding people to new mailing lists, or getting people interested in an upcoming sale – you need to have a good pitch with a clear call-to-action option such as links or buttons. Make sure people can easily do what you want them to do!
  • Add some fun – The holidays are stressful enough so try and alleviate that with some fun. Include a funny image or story, have links to fun holiday games, or run a special holiday contest with fun prizes. This helps increase engagement and shows that your brand is about more than just business.
  • Pay attention to length – People have short attention spans so be very careful in how long your newsletter runs. Write, edit, test, and repeat until you have a nice, tight, well written piece that engages and informs without running overlong.

The bottom line is that the holidays are not only a prime retail season, but also a great time to connect with people as the year ends. So take the opportunity that this seasonal tradition provides and incorporate our top tips for sending out a great holiday newsletter to not only end this year strong but lay the groundwork for an even better 2017!

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