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Our Top 20 Visual Content Marketing Strategies – Part 1

A strong visual presence is a big key to success for any website especially when it comes to marketing which is why we are sharing the first in this two-part series that covers our Top 20 Visual Content Marketing strategies.

These days text alone is not enough to stand out. It takes great visuals to help sell your site and its products. An added bonus about visual content is that it is easier to digest which has become a more important factor as attention spans have dwindled.

So without further adieu here is the first part of our visual content marketing strategies:

Top Visual Content Marketing Strategies

  • Include Visuals in Email Marketing – Text can be boring while images can be exciting! Some of the tips that follow this one can be included as visual elements in your email marketing campaign to freshen up the monotony of pure text. Graphics, call-to-action buttons and the like can really help increase the impact of marketing copy. Consider adding graphics that utilize your brand’s color and typography to help push the brand as well.
  • Use Comic Elements – Comics have and always will be fantastic. They epitomize the use of a strong visual message in a small space. Think of how much information can be translated in a few panels of classic comics like Dilbert, Peanuts or Calvin and Hobbes. They tell a story instantly and usually are cheaper to produce than a video while still providing a similar punch.
  • Tell Visual Stories – The idea of the infographic, imagery that converts boring stats and data into something more palatable, is a powerful one. It can grab an audience and easily allow them to compare statistics while driving home facts and telling the story of why this information is important to the target consumer.
  • Link Social Media to your Product Catalog – Instagram and Pinterest are perfect vehicles to use for a visual representation of your company’s products. By posting 3 to 5 items per day, spread out over the day, you can slowly build your catalog online as well as proving content for both your regular site and a social media site. More than 5 items per day is wasteful as posts have such a short life span. If you include prices and product descriptions it will increase the chance they will follow the link to your store of a purchase.
  • Use Original Photos – For awhile stock photos were great. You still have thousands of new photos added regularly to stock bins from photographers around the globe, but what they are lacking is authenticity which lowers the trust level. With the advances in cameras and photo apps anyone can become a photo maven. Heck, run a contest with your employees as a way to utilize their creativity and moxie. Then use those photos rather than stock photos on your website and in your promotions.


  • Use Online Coupons – A lot of consumers search and use coupons both for online and brick-and-mortar shopping so why not join in on the trend? A coupon is a fantastic visual ad and lead generation method along with being highly sharable. Use the social media concept from above and add coupons occasionally to your Pinterest or Instagram account.
  • Use Visual Social Media Contests – Still riding the Pinterest and Instagram bus, you can use these visual mediums for contests that involve customers uploading images using products in a unique way or something similar. Campaigns can be hashtagged easily and by using social media as the vehicle you can dramatically increase shares, which helps spark conversations and increase engagement.
  • Step-by-Step Guides – Photos are a perfect vehicle for step-by-step guides such as showing how to apply makeup, cooking a turkey, or changing a tire. Incorporate this ideology into what your company does or related services and concepts to your brand. You can teach your audience useful things that they find value in, which helps you and your brand become an authority in an area along with creating engagement.
  • Conduct User Polls – Polls can be pure gold when it comes to engagement and buzz. Things like allowing people to vote on upcoming products, features, colors, etc are all great ways to make people excited about new products. The results can also be shared and are a fun way to boost a future launch.
  • Cross Promote – While most businesses will have primary success with a particular medium such as Instagram or YouTube, it is a mistake to not regularly cross promote your platforms. You can use captions to generate interest and direct viewers for many social media sites or embed links within your videos. This way you support all your profiles while reminding viewers that you have great content all over the web which helps increase the authority of your brand as well as reach.

Make sure to check back for Part Two of our Top 20 Visual Content Marketing Strategies to learn more great ways to make the most of your online advertising endeavors.




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