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Our Best SEO Predictions For 2017

The SEO landscape is one where change is commonplace, driven by consumer wants and needs. You simply can’t just sit still as those who do will watch their hard earned rankings slip away to businesses putting in the effort to stay competitive in this fast-paced world of modern marketing. As an experienced web development company we understand that struggle which is why we wanted to share Our Best SEO Predictions for 2017.

As this quarter draws to close it is time to look ahead to the coming year and plan the path for your businesses success. Part of that planning should be looking at trends and developments in technology, digital marketing and optimization to help you decide where to invest your efforts and energy to dominate your niche in the coming year.

Our Best SEO Predictions

  • Mobile Grows – As if it wasn’t big enough, mobile keeps growing and becoming THE focus online. Due to the dominance of mobile phones and handheld devices, you simply need to be mobile optimized or you will soon find yourself on the side of the information highway; just another dusty, derelict storefront.
  • Hyper Local – As devices get more powerful, SEO gets more personalized and localized. The goal is for a user to find exactly what they want as quickly as possible and for shopping or services that often means connecting locally to someone who can immediately fulfill your need. This means it is even more important to include location details, ways to access and connect, along with checking local ratings on other sites to increase your profile with Google’s local search optimization.
  • AMP Boost – Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is the hot new ticket when it comes to pushing developers towards crafting mobile optimized content. The boost to your site load times will make customers happy, reducing bounce rates and will also positively increase SERP rankings. Remember, load speed and customer satisfaction are two things Google takes seriously when considering rankings.
  • Voice Search – It is only a matter of time until voice search will dwarf standard type searches, primarily because people take the easiest route to accomplish most goals. As it stands for a basic spoke English question, voice search is a much faster, easier option compared to manual entry. Right now we are getting close to the 50% threshold of all users making use of voice search on a daily basis. Added to that are the constant technology updates with speech recognition which increases accuracy and satisfaction. It might be about time to investigate long tail, conversational keywords that will appear in voice searches.
  • HTTP/2 – This is the latest update to the HTTP protocol and with it comes better speed and security; two things Google goes gaga over. It will soon join the SEO conversation as people realize how this update can make site more efficient and also have the added benefit of better SEO rankings.
  • User Experience – Google is keeping their focus on the user and their happiness online, even when considering SEO optimization. So that means providing a special user experience, optimized for your customers to maximize satisfaction. Keeping people stimulated, engaged and talking about problems and solutions to make your site the “Go to” spot will be a key.
  • Content is still King – No matter what else changes in SEO, content is still the absolute king. Originality is in high demand and people devour content like its turkey on Thanksgiving. It can be difficult to find new ideas and concepts to work around, but the juice is worth the squeeze.
  • Schema Markups – Schema is a way to organize and structure databases. The idea of a schema markup is code that you place on your site which helps any search engine return results that are much more informative, much like rich snippets. While rich snippets are very popular, we can see how this should shift to schema markups.
  • AI – Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed a lot of how we interact with certain devices. Because of this growing trend, we need to look at better ways to connect to our audience. Google’s RankBrain, for example, has the ability to consider numerous non-traditional ranking factors when making recommendations in their continual effort to help people find exactly what they need. That means you need to consider both traditional and non-traditional ways to connect to the audience so that AI will properly interpret your value to users.

The bottom line is that our internet world is always changing. As with anything that changes, if it directly relates to you and how you do business, then it is paramount that you stay on top of trends and expectations. While we most likely won’t hit the bull’s-eye with all of our choices, many of our Best SEO Predictions for 2017 will become reality, changing what we focus on for search engine optimization.

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