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Washington DC Social Media Marketing Grows Your Business

Social media continues to grow as a marketing opportunity and as a way to reach and engage customers. From Facebook to LinkedIn to Instagram, it seems like the different platforms keep expanding and adding new functionality and advertising choices.

While social media offers both free and paid ways to reach your customers, it can be a full-time job to stay current on postings, craft and place ads that are timely and effective, and respond to comments and requests.

You want a partner that understands social media marketing and brand awareness and who can assume the day-to-day marketing activities so that you can focus on growing your business. Lounge Lizard’s Washington DC social media team is just the solution you need.


Capture new customers with an enhanced social media marketing strategy

Whether you are just starting out or have a well-established business, social media marketing can be an effective tool at raising brand awareness, establishing credibility, and placing targeted ads that reach the right customers who are looking for your product or service.

At Lounge Lizard, our Washington DC social media team is expert at developing a social media strategy that works within your larger digital marketing strategies to reach potential customers and draw them to your website and ultimately, your products or services.

Our Washington DC team is also skilled at creating the content, collateral, and postings that create memorable social media posts that get people talking. And remember, with social media, you are only as relevant as your most recent post! 

Things move quick in social media — Don’t get left behind.

Let’s keep them talking…

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Social Media Certificates

Our Social Media Management Process

Meet your dedicated social media manager

At Lounge Lizard, you will work with a dedicated social media manager — someone with loads of experience and a real understanding of the ins and outs of content and timing.

Your new social media manager will be your guide through the entire journey as well as being your bridge to our entire Washington DC digital marketing team.


Get to know your competition

Social media is a results and data-driven marketing process, so we start by analyzing your competition to see what they are doing in terms of social media.

Knowing what your competition is finding successful helps inform our strategy going forward. It also gives you an understanding of the effectiveness of Lounge Lizard’s social media progress.

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Two heads are better than one

Next, we believe that aligning your brand message and elements greatly helps set the tone for your overall social media strategy.

By participating in a social media brand workshop, we help you define your message, build your culture, and create actionable traits and values that we can use as a foundation for the overall social media campaign. 

Lounge Lizard’s Washington DC social media team can help you discern your company’s unique character and personality that will be key in your social communications.

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Developing an editorial plan

From there, the Lounge Lizard team of social media experts will coordinate with you to develop an engaging editorial plan.

We deliver 100% original and unique content and utilize a wide range of scheduling tools that fit your business needs, such as Hootsuite, Buffer, or Sprout Social.

Our dedicated task force is agile and can release video and image content within an hour or two to respond to immediate trends. We also reconnect quarterly to review our successes and storyboard the coming quarter.


Social media advertising – paying for prime space

Often you can’t rely on organic, free results alone. Using paid social media posts and advertising can really boost your leads and customers, plus drive sales.

Paid social media advertising ensures that your content is seen by targeted groups of customers and accelerates business.

Our team focuses on the metrics that make a difference, like sales and your ROI. Count on it.

Social influencer marketing

Today, social influencers mean big engagement and we know how to leverage our extensive database of influencers to maximum effectiveness. Depending on your industry, we have access to great influencers where you get significant exposure to highly defined market groups.

Our Washington DC social media team is experienced in executing full blown influencer marketing campaigns that align with your company objectives and brand.

In today’s technology-forward business environment, influencer marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools and word-of-mouth advertising opportunities available.

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