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Is AI The Future Of Content Market?

Artificial intelligence has come a long way since its introduction to the general populace via sci-fi movies. We have smart phone assistants, cars that drive themselves and more, including artificial intelligence (AI) being used online in a wide variety of ways. Is AI the future of content marketing and possibly other marketing strategies? As a website design firm with our finger on the pulse of technological changes in our niche we certainly have our opinion on the matter.

AI in Marketing

There are a lot of ways AI is being used online. Google has RankBrain which is a machine-learning artificial intelligence system that constantly learns as it helps sort search results in a never-ending effort to improve searches for customers. This type of deep learning has a big impact on the SEO world as then in content marketing we need to make sure our efforts are appreciated by the AI and helps boost search returns.

Automated articles are also becoming more commonly used. Both journalists and junk sites use robot writers to help generate generic content using existing data and stories with low complexity. They take existing data, wrap generic words around the highlights, add a semi-proactive headline and just like that an article is produced.

Of course the quality is not great, but when you need to keep churning out articles 24-7 to capture attention it helps to have an AI system that has no problem working around the clock without a break.

Then there is the customization of feeds where networks track what we do and where we go to then try and pigeonhole us as individual users, catering to what they think we want to see. In a way the end result is to provide a user with what is assumed they will want to get the result that is desired.

Is this Good or Bad?

So, is this is a good or bad thing? In many ways the overall change will be inevitable. Automation tools and AI can make a lot of things easier for us and also give you the ability to do more via the tools. But she would jump on board and try and make the most of what AI has to offer?

Right now this seems like a bad choice. Robot writers are interesting, but also boring and generic. The trap with using them is that while they can and do churn out constant content, how relevant and useful is that content? News of all types has been deemed a massive failure by many of late because of the constant pressure to produce, regardless of the quality.

You can read the post-article comments to easily understand how people feel about junk writing, robot writers, or even real writers that produce content like a robot would; not great. If a story does not add any value people get irked for wasting their time engaging with it.

The more that happens, the more likely they will then tune that information stream out.

Then there is also the constant use of customization which can mean missing out on some opportunities as you look to place people in smaller and smaller boxes of saying who they are and what they care about. Too much customization can hurt a business as much as a lack of customization can.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that AI is not the future of content marketing, or at least it shouldn’t be. While there are valuable tools that can be utilized to accentuate what you do, great content will always beat out generic or uninteresting content, even in high doses. The value you can provide users is what will set you apart in the content marketing game and AI is still only a tool to help in this regard but that tool needs to be in the hands of an experienced person to be truly effective.

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