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Insider Tips For Copywriting On The Web

As often as we stress the importance of having good content on a website, it seems like not enough attention is being paid to the structural quality of said content which is why we decided to post our own Insider Tips for Copywriting on the Web.

Content isn’t just a great idea; it is also how that idea is presented that makes it great.

The general definition of copywriting is that it’s a combination of art and science that can persuade people to take action. While the scope can include anything from direct mail to taglines and jingles, in this case we will be focusing on that copywriting used for general web content. After all, even a beautifully designed website can fall a little flat with ho-hum copy.

Copywriting Tips for CRUSHING the Competition

  • Sexy Headlines and Taglines – It all starts here. You need that catchy headline that people feel like they HAVE to read. The key is to write something that promises to be the cure to what ails them. Get excited! Think of something that would grab your own attention. When in doubt err on the side of outrageous because there is NO room for subtly in headline writing.
  • Be memorable – Pop quiz, can you name the character from the Progressive Auto Insurance ads? Most of you probably nailed it with the name ‘Flo’ popping into your head along with her image. Why is that? The answer is simple, Progressive (and other ad agencies) understands the power of being memorable by using some form of identification. If a potential customer is shopping services and stops by your site what do you do that is memorable?
  • Always highlight benefits – Features are great…who doesn’t love features? But benefits…that is what sells a product. How can your product or service help me? In what way will my life be better if I buy this widget from you or hire you? We live in a results-oriented world so take advantage of that by touting what you can do for someone or tell them the benefits they will get from those features.
  • It’s not WE – Sometimes people who write content get caught up in using the word “we” far too often. We are going to do this or we can do that and so on. The problem is that “we” is less interesting and powerful. Instead use the active voice where the subject does the action instead of being acted on. For example, ”The Insider Tips for Copywriting written by our company can help you crush the competition,” is active compared to, “We wrote our copywriting tips to help you crush the competition.”
  • KISS – Rather than the standard Keep It Simple Stupid, on the web we mean Keep It Short and Skimmable. Long pages of copy are informative and boring. Shorten things down so they are interesting an easily digestible. People want to skin so create lists, use headings and subheadings and format text to attract the eye to important words.
  • Don’t be pompous – Use short, simple words rather than longer words that are harder to assimilate (<– example). This is part of writing clearly and in a concise manner so people can skim or digest faster. On the same note, skip the jargon and corporate speak that nobody wants to read because nobody really wants to circle back to this later when we can hit the ground running to get outside of the box.
  • Be urgent!!!!!!! – You need to create some urgency so people understand that they have to act quickly!
  • Create conversations – Rather than being told something or being sold to, instead use a conversational tone and imagine you are talking face-to-face. You want people to feel like they can participate, not just sit and listen. What do you think?
  • Test It – This is a huge mantra of web design and it carries right over into copywriting; test it! The honest truth is that nobody is always going to get it right, even the best copywriters in the world. So with that in mind you should never be afraid of doing some basic A/B testing for your freshly written copy with a handful of people (ideally those in your target demographic) for some important feedback on how it resonates. Testing is last on the list because it is often overlooked but very essential to success.

There you have it, our Insider Tips for Copywriting on the Web to help your site persuade people to take the actions you want!

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