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Have You Tested Your Site With Google?

Google just launched a nice new tool that is very useful to small and medium-sized business. The concept behind it is to allow anyone to see how mobile friendly their site is. As a website development company that is a big supporter of the smaller businesses we need to ask you, have you tested your site with Google?
If not, then you should head on over and give it a whirl to learn more about how Google, and probably a decent chunk of mobile users, consider the speed of your site.

What does it do?

Basically the tool, which is available at, aims to show how fast and mobile-friendly a site is.

You simply enter your website address and within 30 seconds you will be given three scores:

Mobile Friendliness – They look at configuring the viewpoint, size content to viewpoint, using legible font sizes, size tap targets properly, avoiding plugins and avoiding app install interstitials that hide content.

Mobile Speed – Compression enabling, leverage of browser caching, avoiding landing page redirects, optimize images, prioritizing of visible content, and more are checked.

Desktop Speed – Basically the same items as mobile speed are checked but some categories like Minify HTML and Minify CSS are judged differently.

Scores are derived using basic Passed, Consider Fixing and Should Fix remarks and then adjusted based on a 100 point maximum score.
You can they have a detailed results report emailed to you , along with products and services tips – because they have to try and up sell a little after all.

Why why why?

Why is Google doing this? Basically they are doing it because it is good for their customers, which is everyone that uses the internet. Helping nudge people towards faster, mobile friendly sites means that more sites will be considered in regards to providing search results for their customers because their search algorithms factor in mobile friendliness.
Why should you do it? The obvious answer is that any edge, no matter how small, will affect the profitability of your business. It’s an online world and more and more people use mobile devices to connect to that world so if your site is not as good as competitors then you might start to miss out or even lose opportunities to those competitors.
Worth noting…
Being a bit curious we decided to take this tool for a test drive and checked out quite a few sites of various sizes: – They scored 100 for Mobile Friendliness, 59 for Mobile Speed and 78 for Desktop Speed. – They scored 98 for Mobile Friendliness, 63 for Mobile Speed and 76 for Desktop Speed. – They scored 97 for Mobile Friendliness, 60 for Mobile Speed and 76 for Desktop Speed. – They scored 100 for Mobile Friendliness, 73 for Mobile Speed and 68 for Desktop Speed.

What this shows us is that while quite a few sites are doing well from the Mobile Friendliness aspects, they are not grading higher than a C for speeds. However if your site is ending up below a score of 50 in either speed category you certainly should be taking a good look as to why.

The bottom line is that the internet is becoming a much more mobile used place. You should take the time to have your site tested with Google to understand where you rate to ensure you are friendly and fast enough to not lose business to a competitor who is friendlier and faster.

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