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Google Plus and its role in SEO

Everyone wants to have an edge in the world of SEO. AS Google Plus has slowly started becoming relevant, some people are starting to ask about the role it will have, if any, with SEO. The honest answer is that it will probably be a lot more important than you have given it credit for.

People who focus in SEO look to understand how search engines determine what web pages will rank highly in search queries. With that in mind, we have to look at the most important aspect of Google+; it is made by Google. Google Plus will provide a direct benefit to Google because it enriches the data it gets from Google users. People will create profiles and then search the web (using Google) while signed in which allows Big G to easily track interests.

Of course that data allows Google to personalize and target search results and ads that people are responsive to. This level of personalize will increase user satisfaction which is a prime goal.

Also, social networking has become much bigger in the SEO world, because Google and Bing recognize the power of sharing within social circles. They help jump page rankings up, even in the short term, because of trends and popularity.

So how can you take advantage of it?

Using Google Plus for SEO

  • Utilize Author Rank – The introduction of Author Rank is going to be somewhat of a game changer for people who utilize individual authors with higher ranking factors. It won’t be just the website that hosts the content that will matter, but who writes that content as well. Authors should be encouraged to take ownership of what they write to increase ranking rather than publishing blogs and articles without a writer credit.
  • Follow Profile Links – Encourage people (including yourself) to follow profile links. Google+ allows you to link to other profiles. You can also embed followed links directly into your bio with your choice of anchor text.
  • Embed Post Links – Google+ allows followed links to be inserted directly into your posts. Currently they allow as many as you want, however common sense says to not abuse this because it might then become limited to a single link if overused. As a bonus you only have to insert a full URL and Google formats it for you as a link.
  • Optimize G+ Title Tags – Basically your first line of your post becomes part of the title tag. That means it will be associated with ranking and click-through rates. That means keywords or phrases need to be selected carefully and that first sentence needs to be attractive and interesting as a teaser.
  • Connect within your Industry – Google+ has 17 notification triggers that help connect to “influencers” in your industry. So if you want to attract those people’s attention you can: mention them in a post, share a post with them, comment on a post they created, comment on a post after they comment on it, tag photos and more. Learn about all the ways to share yourself and thus things in your bio, etc. by getting connected with the influencers.
  • Make the Most of the Author Pic – In Google+ a good author pic can really help with click-through rates. Because Google+ is a hybrid social site it has social aspects and the Author Pic is one of those aspects.

Things will evolve with Google+ as it becomes more popular. Much like everyone should be aware of changes and trends with Google, keeping up with Google+ will be important as well. There is a lot of potential right now to increase sharing and visibility of articles along with getting higher rankings when taking advantage of what Google+ has to offer.


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