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Design Tips For Increasing Mobile Conversions

The number of mobile users keeps increasing every year which is why each and every business on the internet should take heed of our design tips for increasing mobile conversions. In a crowded marketplace you need to seek out every single advantage you can over the competition which means focusing attention on all aspects of business from marketing programs, product development, and of course converting visitors into satisfied customers.

Part of that conversion will occur on your website. With the growing number of mobile users, that percentage of conversions taking place on mobile devices is increasing which means you need to be accommodating those users.

After all, at the end of the day if you can’t effectively reach such a large demographic, you are missing out on business revenue and business opportunities.

So let’s get to it!

Tips for Increasing Mobile Conversions

These tips are useful for those beginning the design process, looking to revamp their existing site, or even for people looking for some adjustments to make them more effective:

  • Optimal User Experience – The first thing you need to look at is usability and how your audience will engage with your site. With such a high percentage of users coming from a mobile world that means either having a responsive website or one that is entirely optimized for mobile. Your interface needs to allow both mobile and desktop customers easy access to everything in an intuitive manner. A negative experience for user is worse than no experience at all so make sure that all users are going to be happy and satisfied using your site.
  • Pattern Flow – Website design should have a certain level of simplicity and ‘makes sense’ when it comes to pattern flow. This is doubly true for the mobile world where you have less space to work with and often a shorter timeframe with which to convey meaning and direction before a user will bounce from a site. Therefore the interface needs to be intuitive and common enough that a user can understand it easily with zero confusion.
  • The Audience – While not top of the list, understanding your target audience is still right up there for mobile conversions. Age for example can dictate design flow such as larger text for older users with overly familiar icons or bigger buttons for very young users. Identifiers are very generational in nature therefore the target audience needs to be understood for the best UX.
  • Easy Reader – While we mentioned simplicity in the Pattern Flow this also goes for content. Because of the smaller size of screen, people tend to read less unless it is easy to read. While you can zoom, that processes is time consuming for a large amount of content. Therefore clear, large typography is a must along with good spacing, use of white space and images that are impactful and not disruptive.
  • Perform a Reduction – Take your current site and trim it down to the most essential features, aiming for a 50% overall reduction. Now, trim it down even more. This is a key aspect to a successful mobile site; using the limited space for only the most important things. Redundant copy, cute non-functional design aspects, numerous links with page jumps and things of that ilk are going to frustrate and annoy a mobile user.
  • Test on Mobile Devices – When you design or redesign a site that his geared towards mobile users, you need to exhaustively test it on an actual mobile device your target audience uses. Checking that the buttons and scroll bars work easily with a finger compared to a mouse or how easy it is to read, navigate and complete all of the primary functions you want customers completing is an absolute must. Tablets and phones are amazing yet they do have limitations that you need to address and overcome for a great UX.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that if you want to increase mobile conversions you need to have a site that caters to the mobile user from both functionality and overall user-experience. Most people have used their phone to visit a site and have been left with a bad taste in their mouth from an annoying experience. Don’t let that happen to your customers! Focus on these design tips for increasing mobile conversions and incorporate them into your site to ensure you have happy customers that can’t wait to convert into paying customers.




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