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Are You Aware of these Hot Mobile Commerce Trends?

By now most everyone is aware of the shift that has taken place in the world towards utilizing mobile devices for a wide array of business needs. Currently mobile commerce is an area where a lot of development is taking place to allow consumers and businesses to take advantage of the pocket computers we now carry. So what are the hot mobile commerce trends you need to be aware of that might impact your business?

Hot Mobile Commerce Trends

  • Mobile Wallet Use – We covered the expected impact of new options Apple Pay and Amazon Mobile Payments for e-commerce in a previous post so we are not going to fully re-hash that discussion, however we will reinforce how vital we see mobile wallet use becoming. Consumers are beginning to believe in the safety, security and simplicity of using Samsung Wallet, Google Wallet, Apple Pay and the like. With hardware like Square Register and other multi-payment POS options available it seems obvious that mobile wallet use is going to exponentially increase this year.
  • Physical and Online Overlap – We will continue to see blurred lines when it comes to those businesses that have brick-and-mortar options and a web presence. Target is a good example with the ‘Curbside pickup’ the rolled out last year before the holidays allowing online shoppers more convenience when picking up from a store. Similar ideas are popping up for setting appointments, checking in for services to avoid filling out forms longhand and loyalty rewards tracking your location to be more useful before you make a purchase rather than afterwards.
  • Mobile Device Use In-Store – One of the things I like the most about apps like Target’s Cartwheel is that they recognize when I enter a brick and mortar store with a nice push notification. It is a pleasant reminder to check the app for savings which make me use my device in-store. Also multitudes of people quickly jump on phones nowadays to check reviews, make price comparisons and even check the inventory at a competing store. People have all this information at their fingertips and are not afraid to use it! Free in-store wi-fi should be a must to help make those conversions in-store happen!
  • Mobile Apps Lead the Charge – As good as the mobile web is mobile apps for individual businesses are much better. Take Amazon for example. The behemoth retailer has a fantastic website; one of the best retail sites on the market. But, if you are on a mobile device using the app is even better. They even had the foresight to create an app for smartphones and one for tablets to take advantage of the unique options of each. There are so many ways that a native app outperforms a mobile site from push notifications, to timeliness of encounters, to security. For those retailers that haven’t yet, now is the time to start working on your own native app.
  • Focus on Mobile Search Ranking – As we noted before people are using devices to shop and compare while in a store which means as a business you need to focus on increasing your mobile search rankings so that people can easily find your products and services. Utilizing a great mobile website with attention to the user experience is a good start. Having great content and positive reviews and rankings on other sites will help as well.
  • Take Advantage of Mobile-Based Ad Campaigns – This is highly dependent on your core demographic, but for many businesses mobile ad campaigns can really be a home run. Mobile-only coupons are always a good option along with using native ad campaigns to connect more easily to those people who use ad blockers.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that this year will be an even more exciting year for mobile than 2015 was. As we are only a few months in, there is plenty of time for businesses to plan on how to take advantage of these hot mobile commerce trends before fall and the year-end shopping crush arrives, creating better mobile experiences for customers which can lead to more conversions.

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