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6 Things On Your Website That Are Killing Purchases

It can be very frustrating when you realize that while you have plenty of traffic to your website; the visitors are simply not converting. There are a lot of reasons as to why this might be happening and rather than spending days reviewing analytics and testing features we have a list of 6 things on your website that are killing purchases which offers a starting point of things to look at.

Certain elements tend to cause friction or irritation with users which in turn can make them bounce from your website in a place where you can’t be sure what exactly is causing the problem. That is where our list of items that are known conversion killers comes into play to help smooth out the wrinkles and keep those purchases coming.

Elements that are Conversion Killers

  • Bad Layouts – A silent killer, bad layouts easily cause confusion to users and is the most common user experience problem. People aren’t sure where to go to find what they want, how to navigate from one area to another or aren’t able to easily access the information they want. When people get frustrated, which is happening much more quickly than ever online, there is a natural psychological response of irritation which can stem from not being able to figure something out.
  • Terrible Visuals – This often affects online stores, however it can also limit sites selling services. Unlike a brick-and-mortar store where people can touch items, try things out or on, or make a face-to-face connection with a service provider, online it is all done with visuals and written content. That means the quality of your visuals is absolutely critical to your ability to make a conversion. People need to be able to see objects easily, in focus, from multiple angles and to zoom in closer for a better look.
  • Slow Load Times – The average attention span gets shorter every single year and most people, especially those on a mobile device which now makes up more than half of all online shoppers, have no time to waste waiting for your site to load. They might try back later if they get tired of waiting, but how many times can you expect them to wait?
  • Bad Copy – Bad copy is worse than bad coffee; at least bad coffee still has caffeine. Why do you need copy on a site that sells products or services? The simple answer is: to provide information to the audience and help answer any questions they might have that would prevent them from converting. If your copy isn’t doing that properly or is in anyway confusing then it is worse than cold day-old coffee.
  • Empty Cart Buttons – Why oh why would you ever want a customer to be able to easily and quickly empty their cart? It is the same as putting up an “EXIT” sign on your site. People already have an easy enough time opting out of a purchase; why make it any easier?
  • Pop Ups – Most people either dislike or hate the pop-ups that appear on some sites, which makes it mind boggling that designers still try and use them. If 80% of the population doesn’t like a feature, why are you catering to the 20% that is “okay” with them being there? They make me want to say, “Well, no I don’t really want to sign up for your mailing list because I was trying to make a purchase which you just interrupted which has now irritated me enough that I’m leaving.”

The Bottom Line

Are these the only culprits that are killing purchases? Sadly no, these are not the only things out there that will cause consumers to jump ship. Broken links, poor typography, using generic photos, badly placed CTA buttons and other things can also knock your conversion rate down a few pegs. However, if you have any of these 6 things on your website then they are killing purchases too.


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