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What are your 2015 Marketing New Year’s Resolutions?

With Black Friday officially in the books and the year winding down for most businesses, now is the perfect time to think about your 2015 marketing New Year’s resolutions! Of course a resolution is only as good as the person’s resolve that is making it. Statistically they are very difficult to maintain which often discourages some people from making them.

However that shouldn’t stop you!

Not only is the making of resolutions an excellent idea to help bring focus to ideas and plans for the coming year, but it is a great way to honestly evaluate where you are currently at and where you want to go.

2015 Marketing New Year’s Resolutions

While not every resolution will be right for your business, many of these can add value to your company and help you prepare for a successful 2016.

  • Know your story – Who are you? Where did you come from? What is the identity of your business or the brand ? That is what your story is. Statistically it has been shown that people do business with people they know and trust. One way to establish that is to foster a connection between your business and the customer. Tell your unique story about who you are and why you do what you do. Connect to clients with that story because it is memorable, sets you apart from other people, pushes the brand and incites a response from your target market.
  • Micro-target customers – It is time to look beyond the general and really get to know your customers. Dig deeper using strategies to find out more about the various subsets that exist within your core demographic. When you micro-target you can find the potentially profitable subsets in your market that need a more direct, one-on-one targeted conversations to convert them to a higher level of customer.
  • Create a new Content Marketing strategy – Content marketing was a big deal in 2014 and will easily continue into 2015. As everyone looks to increase their reach online and in the community, the value of good content becomes more critical. This is a time-consuming resolution, but well worth the effort. In previous articles we have discussed the importance of why having a Content Marketing Strategy makes sense. Statistics have supported that a written strategy is twice as effective as a verbal one. Invest time in creating the proper strategy that tells your story to your market and establishes you as an authority in your field. Along with a good strategy, weigh the value of hiring professional content writers to provide your business an edge with well-crafted copy.
  • Think mobile for email marketing – Email marketing is still a great method for marketing. With mobile really coming into its own the past few years, using a marketing program geared towards them makes more and more sense. Your marketing emails need to be mobile friendly; keep content short and to the point, make links clickable with a finger and consider a more responsive template. Consider how many emails you read on a mobile device and it makes perfect sense why this needs to be done.
  • Invest in relationships – There are a few small groups that will have a very large impact on the success of your business: family, friends, your team, your community and yourself. While marketing focuses a lot on ROI, many people overlook the effect of investing some of that marketing time and energy into the groups that are going to be most effective in pushing your success.
    • Healthy relationships with family and friends provide stability and happiness outside of work which in turn makes work more productive. Take nights off, enjoy vacations and spend quality time with family and friends, plus encourage your employees to do the same.
    • Your team needs to be a comfortable environment with healthy relationships or not only will work suffer but so could interactions with customers. Do your best to foster an open environment where people feel comfortable discussing issues and working to resolve them.
    • Invest in the local community and foster a connection such as being part of the Chamber of Commerce, participating in local fundraising and sponsoring youth clubs. Make sure you have a voice in the community and they know who you are.
    • Don’t forget yourself! Exercise, diet, hobbies and learning new things are all important in your growth and enjoyment in life. This is the same for the people who work for you because when they are happy and healthy they will work more effectively.
    • The bottom line of properly investing time and energy to these relationships is a better connection to your business and more positive feeling about working for or with the business. Think about a company like Google that has a reputation of high employee satisfaction and making a difference in their communities. That type of advertising is hard to beat and Google has earned it by focusing on relationships.
  • Work on your business – This is a resolution for the business owners or managers, many of whom end up working “in” the business rather than working “on” the business. It is a critical separation that needs to take place weekly. As the owner or manager you often have responsibility for evaluating goals, staying true to the brand and vision, connecting with the community, evaluating competition, establishing procedures and even setting your advertising budget. Those tasks can be hard to manage, let alone view clearly, if you are too busy working “in” the business. So take a step back one day a week or an equivalent amount of hours, to focus on those tasks that will then improve the performance of your team, help create effective systems and put the proper strategy in place to succeed.

Of course the biggest of all of your 2015 marketing New Year’s resolutions is to simply follow through on your plans. No matter how wonderful it is, a great plan is wasted if nobody follows it.


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