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Villa Kololo goes Responsive in Design!

The responsive design wave continues and another Lounge Lizard customer, Villa Kololo has jumped aboard. Why is everyone switching to a responsive website? Quite simply it makes the most sense.

Five years ago most people accessed the internet on a desktop or laptop computer. That meant you had an average screen size that you could then base your design around. Now people search for information and view web pages on anything from a 3-inch screen to a 22-inch screen. The responsive boom is literally responding to the ever-changing ways people want to receive information and a site that actually scales to the size of the user is much more useful and popular than one that doesn’t.

Villa Kololo recognized this and when they hired Lounge Lizard to create a website for their hotel and restaurant in Kampala, they wanted a site that was interactive and responsive.

The small boutique hotel and Mediterraneo style restaurant caters to both locals and tourists. While the locals have a good idea what to expect, people from out of town have never seen the menu, viewed the accommodations, or know the history of the hotel and its’ owners. As more and more travelers turn to their mobile devices for information rather than tour books, having a well-designed site that can be easily viewed on a tablet or smart phone is essential to capturing new business.

The design for Villa Kololo by Lounge Lizard focuses on the style of the owner and his establishment, ease-of-use and navigation, and providing everything you need to know to make a decision about visiting them.

Ideally your goal for any website that you should use is to fulfill a primary purpose. Retail-based web pages should be designed to sell products and utilize fantastic ecommerce solutions. A destination site should provide valuable insight to the location and showcase the attributes that make you want to get their along with using location information to help you find it.
Now with their upcoming website, Villa Kololo joins the ranks of businesses that have a website that perfectly fits their needs and helps enhance their business.

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