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The Brand Of Now: Winning Sales By Channeling Impulse

Consumer motivation comes in a flash, like lightning on a distant hill – bold, energetic, crackling with an ozone-charged fire and landing to great effect and profound change. To the observer standing far away, the following thunder is often the first evidence of light. Trailing along in time, the booming sound is an effect, mere evidence of the change passing. It is the trail of impulse, the history of lightning.

For many conventional marketers today, thunder is the interesting thing. They spend their careers measuring the volume, judging the distance, collecting the opinions of those who heard the boom and chose to take shelter. But thunder is only history. For the pioneers of today’s building digital revolution, the place to be is on the hill itself, standing boldly with a lightning rod and working to capture the work of the gods themselves. History means little to them.

Making history, on the other hand, means everything.

The digital tools for harnessing consumer impulse are still just coming into form, the most promising of them still being used by historians and thunder chasers. Twitter, for example, is a powerful lightning rod for identifying and inspiring trends in the moment of genesis. Facebook, Foursquare and other next generation social media platforms can bring your brand as close as a thought, a seductive whisper, or a fleeting temptation. To effectively build a marketing strategy that turns the impulsive desires of today’s digitally driven consumer, your tactics must be based on the brand of now – and offer your customers a place to realize the moment to powerful effect.

Define your goals. What do you really want your Twitter-driven marketing strategy to accomplish? Do you want to win over customers and drive profits? Create a trend and invent an industry – with your business as undisputed leader? Promote an ideal or message, inspiring others while changing the world? Before others will believe you, you must believe. Set out your goals early and think big – inspire yourself and then use that fire to inspire others.

Keep it fun. Today’s digital social world is all about discovery, about finding out what is happening right now, around the world and just down the block. A serious message is one that lacks immediacy and the spirit of playful exploration. Instead, find ways to tap into childlike enthusiasm and to keep your Twitter-driven message light and fun. Striking a playful chord can now can make it immensely easier to sell a serious message later.

Be memorable. Most failed Twitter and social media campaigns, at the heart, share the same basic common failing: they’re boring and forgettable. An infinite world of creative inspirations abound for the brave marketer willing to court consumers with a bold, memorable message. Don’t waste their time with retread ideas and dry delivery. Your most loyal customers want more than rehashed boredom – they want powerful experiences that resonate. Make a real impression.

Keep up the volume. Don’t lose your spirit, and don’t give up. In every walk of life, success is the reward of perseverance and the result of consistent, committed action. To channel consumer impulse into marketing mastery, you must keep up the volume – a regular stream of interesting Tweets, social media updates, new ideas and bold innovations that demonstrate your commitment to go the distance. Don’t lose your voice to someone else’s thunder.

Roll with the punches. Courting impulse is not for the faint of heart, bringing risk and uncertainty that strikes fear in overcautious marketing departments. Don’t let fear limit what you can accomplish: turn around every setback, use every unexpected turn of events to further your own goals. The rewards will go to the competitor most willing to adapt to rapid change.

Every great trend, every mighty empire begins with a flash of lightning, a momentary impulse that drives action and changes the world. For marketers willing to see beyond the outdated paradigms of conventional, risk adverse academics, the tools available today to the savvy Internet sales force offer unlimited potential for profit and power.

Don’t talk about thunder when you can capture lightning. In the pivot of impulse is a world of change – and the opportunity for your business to touch the mighty hands of gods.

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