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Getting on the Video Ad Bandwagon

How are you planning on advertising in 2013? At this point in time you should already have a plan laid out for the coming year, but you might want to peek at it again and see how much time and money is being devoted to video ads.

Why you ask?

Video advertising is a fast growing niche in the marketing world right now. Money spent in that area of the market was up about 25% last year and should be up another 20% this year. Generally when more money is being spent in one area then it is being pulled from another.

That means things like print ads and direct response will suffer. Now if everyone else is spending more on video advertising then you might need to as well if you want to keep up with the Joneses.

On top of that, the Joneses have some excellent reasons why they are increasing spending in that area.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Need Video Advertising

  1. Social Media Expansion – We just can’t seem to stem the flow of social media. The younger generations are gobbling up information fed to them from Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion, and a handful of other social sites like kids eating birthday cake. Young adults, tweens, teens, college students, Generation Y, and Generation Z all spend countless hours on sites looking for entertainment. Heck even grandparents can be found on YouTube these days! Advertisers need to be where the people are.
  2. Internet Access – As tablets and smart phones get faster and more sophisticated, the more people will rely on the internet for information over all other methods. Video advertising is a tool that focuses on that method of access.
  3. Click Rate – People see banner ads but usually avoid clicking on them. People see a video and want to watch it so they will click on it and endure a 15 or 30 second advertisement to see the video. That makes it a superior format of advertising when considering it along with the above two items.

There are other advantages as well. Some people will gladly listen to a video while doing something else instead of reading paragraphs of material. Let’s face it; people are lazy. If you can pitch your product in 60 seconds then you can capture that attention. Plus videos help enhance both your website and the users experience on your site. People like things that are new and different; currently videos are still newer compared to text.

The Best Methods of using Videos Online

  • E-Commerce – One of the best ways to sell a product is to provide a demonstration and see it in action. One drawback to online sales for some consumers is they don’t feel comfortable until they can see it in action; so show them.
  • Testimonials – Honest feedback and testimonials from customers can go a long way to endorsing a product. By now people understand that plenty of people ‘buy’ reviews. Having video feedback is the next step to show the real people behind the endorsement.
  • Personal Message – Talking to your customers is a great way to show the person behind the company. You can use a video for a company message, discussing products, or talking about services.
  • Training/Demonstrations – You can demonstrate products and techniques or provide training and other ‘how-to’ instruction to clients and consumers.

There are other ways to use videos such as interviews, case studies, or really anything that you feel would be better on a video than other methods.

Now some people might be intimidated by the idea of video ads, but you shouldn’t be. It is a newer media but one that has been explored and used in a lot of ways successfully. It might take a little time to research and understand the capabilities however the benefits and upside make it well worth it.

The Bottom Line

People are shifting attention online at an increasing rate. Watching videos is a form of entertainment as well as education for people of all demographics. The use of online videos as a marketing medium is a growing market because it is the best way to get in contact with all of those people.

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