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Do You Know What Your Brand Looks Like From The Customer Perspective?

Branding is an important aspect of your business and often a lot of time and energy is spent crafting a brand based on a specific idea or vision. Web design companies often help with branding and provide customers with brand-based services, but do you know what your brand looks like from the customer perspective? Do they? That is an important point of view to be aware of and one that we want to talk about today.

One of the easiest and oldest traps a business can fall into is assuming you understand what your customers want, think, or see. The reason it is a trap is because often our own perceptions, hopes, and expectations are tossed into the mix which leaves us looking through rose-tinted glasses rather than clear ones which would provide a better view.

The Customer Mindset vs. Yours

Putting yourself in the customer’s shoes is very important when it comes to looking at your brand, now more than ever. Branding is everywhere for most businesses as we are operating simultaneously on multiple channels. However to us as the business there was a journey involved in the creation of each channel and because of that it can be hard to look at things with those “fresh eyes” the customer has.

Based on your experience, you might easily look at various aspects and connect the dots between them linking A to B, B to C, and then C to D – because you know that is how they are supposed to connect and what they are meant to say. Conversely a customer could see the same aspects and think that C links to A and then B links to C, but why is D even in this picture?

It could also be that you look at something and find it provocative and inspiring as it relates to your brand, while others might not feel the same way at all. That could be anything from choice of colors to images used or even certain phrasing you commonly use on social media. Your mindset is often not completely objective when it comes to your business; and that is okay. It is perfectly normal to see your own business through rose-tinted glasses, much like parents think they have the best kids in the world (which of course they don’t because mine are).

Finding the Customer Perspective

So how do you find the customer perspective? The simple answer is to just ask.

A great starting point is analytics. By reviewing your website, app, ad social media channels you can get some numbers working as to what seems to resonate or cause problems with your customers. You can find out where customers are located, what search terms they use, or what they purchased last.

The next step is to then do customer surveys to obtain more information to help guide you. You can ask simple things like, “What did you like best or least about XX?” These can be linked to actions taken on your website for example.

Then you can move on to focus groups where you can ask for direct feedback about any and all areas of concern. “Does this seem like a strong message?” “How does this image make you feel about the business itself?” “When you review the posts on this social media site what type of words pop into your mind in relation to the business itself?” Focus groups can be combined with A/B testing when you are looking to make changes or adjustments to your business so that way you truly have a feel for how things look from a fresh, customer perspective.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that while you might have a good idea as to what your brand looks like to others, you don’t know what your brand looks like from the customer perspective unless you have spent time and energy to ask them. While it might be easy to assume their viewpoint matches yours, a better business choice would be to find out so you are certain as you know that old saying about people who assume.

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