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6 PR Tips to Help Fuel Your Mobile App Marketing

Do you know the most important six PR tips to help fuel your mobile app marketing that will take your next offering to the next level? Well if not, by the time you finish reading this article you will!

Making your app stand out and get noticed is a tough proposition. A great PR plan is one of the components you need to have along with a solid product. Conversely a bad PR plan or no plan is a good way to ensure your product has no buzz at all upon release which relegates your great idea to the cellar of the nearest app store.

Rather than face that sad situation, let’s delve into six great tips to elevate your PR campaign for the next app you launch!

Our Top 6 PR Tips

  • Well polished product – In todays crowded market you really only get one chance to make a first impression. Your app needs to not only be free of problems and bugs, but it also needs to be polished and deliver what it is promising. People who review apps along with consumers are going to look over your app with a critical eye and you need to ensure that your app impresses as well as your pitch. If it isn’t quite ready yet consider a limited release while you fine tune it so that when you do release it fully, that first impression is memorable because of how well your product delivered.
  • Create a preview version – Rather than letting journalists, reviewers and the like work off the newly released product like everyone else, provide a “preview version” of your app on a beta test platform that they can look at a week or two prior to the actual launch. Of course this “preview version” should be a polished and ready app that is already approved by Google Play or the Apple Store so that nothing will hold it back once it is set for the media preview. This way you control who sees it initially.
  • Find the right journalists – Your app is targeting a specific audience. In general that means there is a core audience out there and that core subscribes to only certain media people. Because of this simple fact you need to look for people within your target industry that have written about similar apps or even competitor’s apps and solicit them directly to talk about your release.
  • Utilize unique app positioning – What is it that makes your app unique? What is the key value it provides over competitors in the marketplace? Before you reach out to the journalists and people you are going to ask to promote your app you need to be sure that you are communicating clearly the qualities that make your offering worth talking about. The pitch not only needs to go to the right people, but it needs to say the right things so that the person on the other end doesn’t just think, “Oh, this sounds like that ABC App I looked at last month.” What feature or aspect makes your app unique?
  • Make problems advantageous – Hardly anyone has a completely smooth app launch. Unfortunately that is just part of the business. The key is the proper management of those issues. When things go wrong, own it. While some people might see issues, the smart PR head sees opportunities! Keep track of what people are saying, such as the press, about issues you are having or any sort of controversy and take charge of those situations to use any and all attention to your advantage.
  • Delayed PR method – Rather than perform a standard release with PR, instead opt for a quiet release. During the first few months focus on making improvements to the products and even considering a second version. Then when you feel your product is truly ready launch a full-scale PR party, ideally sometime within the first six months of the actual initial release. Rather than showcasing a beta app, provide this finely polished product with a release that showcases the most recent update or version as the news-peg for your story rather than as an initial release PR. The app will still be fresh and new but the campaign will have a different angle and feel to it with this method.

Utilizing these 6 PR tips to help fuel your mobile app marketing is one of the best ways you can help ensure your app is positioned for the success you have dreamed about.

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