Web Designers

Web Designers

Lounge Lizard is one of the premier web designers in the country with the awards and client feedback to prove it. The president of Lounge Lizard, Ken Braun, was recently invited to join the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, an organization with the sole focus of driving the creativity, technical progress and professional progress of both the internet and interactive media.

IADAS recognizes excellence, best practices and people who are pushing the standards of web development continually higher and have included Ken Braun, and thus Lounge Lizard, in the group.

So what is the difference between our company and the other web designers out there in the industry? In our opinion it is the quality and style of our designs combined with the experience we have. Then you add in our general attitude about how business should be done and customers should be treated, mix with our incredible talented staff of designer and programmers and you get Lounge Lizard. It is with confidence and not cockiness that we say we are the best in the business.

The concept of web design has come a long way since web browsers first became a commonplace program. It used to be that with some basic coding knowledge and a few image files you could whip up a site in a matter of hours using nothing more than a Notepad program. Of course back then the internet was more like a small town in middle-America with lots of open space and only moderate traffic on even the busiest days. Now things are more like New York City on New Year’s Eve and everyone wants to be at Times Square. With all of those people, neon lights, and noise it can be rather difficult to get yourself noticed; that is unless you hire one of the top web designer on the market to help get you to the front and center of the crowd.

Lounge Lizard is a cutting-edge, full service company that provides web design services and so much more. If you want a responsive website, interactive design, custom applications or flash animations, help with branding, and something that creates the best user experience possible, all while cataloging information help helping convert sales…look no further.

Whatever your current or future goals are, we can help you get there. There are very few web designers in the industry that offer the wide range of services we do along with the decade plus of experience, award winning designs, and track record of success that we have. At Lounge Lizard we are more than just website development and design; we are a company that can help position your company for success on the internet.

Our team is comprised of some of the best talent in the business and we have worked together to build a systematic approach to learning about clients and then formulating a customized plan for success. We can help with social and search engine marketing, information architecture, e-commerce and database solutions, branding, concepts, ideas and more.

Everything we do for our clients is geared towards helping each and every one reach their goals. While we enjoy accolades from our peers regarding the clean lines and design ability we bring to each project, the bottom line is the clients’ success. When they are successful, we are successful.

There are plenty of web designers out there that will promise you a quick and easy website that is up and running in hours, but quick and easy doesn’t mean successful and useful. A great web design takes time because of the increased number of factors that go into today’s complex market. Do you really want someone doing that quickly? Or do you want a company that is going to do it right, asking questions along the way, using their own decade plus of experience as a sounding board to help look at possibilities and find solutions?