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Web Design Trends for 2015

With the year more than half done many people are turning their eyes towards 2015 and we are no different which is why we are already forecasting web design trends for 2015. While this year has produced countless web and graphic designs that make heads turn and equal quality page clicks, looking ahead is never a bad idea, especially for those businesses considering a web re-design to help launch the new year in style.

These are the top web design trends we expect to see in 2015 all across the digital landscape of the internet.

Web Design Trends 2015

  • Responsive Design – People who aren’t designing for a mobile audience are in essence working against themselves. With the numbers increasing monthly and mobile users soon to be the majority, having a website that can be easily viewed by an Android device or iPhone along with traditional desktops is a must. Website users are customers and if they can’t easily use your website then they will take their business elsewhere. The responsive design will allow your website to detect the screen size of the customer and then scale to the proper fit to give them the best user experience possible.
  • Flat Design – While responsive is more behind the scenes, when we talk about Flat Design it is what is visually up front. The removal of shadows, bevels, patterns and textures is what creates a ‘flat’ design. It is simple and yet elegant with clean lines with elements that appear smooth and minimalistic on flat screen with the use of vibrant colors helps bring the site to life. Plus this style of design is very quick to load!
  • More Scrolling – Sites with multiple pages are nice because you have more SEO power, however for those on a smart phone or tablet clicking is more difficult compared to scrolling. With that in mind, more pages will be designed with either single pages or panels that can be scrolled through to allow easier interfacing with the mobile crowd.
  • Typography – Does anyone still use Times New Roman font? Typographic art is the new medium of style and sophistication that can be more easily added to websites as part of a marketing campaign. High quality fonts are now available at a reasonable price for standard printing which means the small and medium business owner can launch a marketing campaign both print and online with matching fonts that showcase rich typography. Before many people were limited by the desire for consistency over both mediums and settled for more traditional fonts due to print costs.
  • Large Images – Pictures have always been a fantastic way to express ideas online as is very apparent from the popularity of Instagram. An excellent design method is to utilize powerful images with text overlay as a way to quickly market ideas to users. When you consider the mobile user, a picture is more easily digestible than squinting at text. For the mobile medium a great picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Infographics – Hand in hand with large images, infographics are a great way to display a lot of information in one space. It will take a good combination of pictures and words to truly tell a story that is entertaining and informative, but when you do it right the results keep people hooked to your pitch because it is such a user friendly interface. There is even a science behind well-designed infographics to make them more compelling.

As you can see, a lot of the trends are based on the needs of the ever-growing mobile contingent of web users. Many of these ideas have been around for years and are now being ‘repurposed’ for the mobile collective.

Consumers will always want to experience something that is functional and fast while also being visually pleasing and rightly so. People who don’t consider the mobile world properly are doing their business a disservice because it will affect the number of users who ultimately become patrons of that site.

For those thinking about re-designing your own web page in the near future, consider our web design trends for 2015 as a good blueprint for success.

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