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Top 5 Tips for Corporate Social Media Success

What is one of the biggest game changers for businesses in 2012? Did you say Social Networks? Ding ding ding! We have a winner! Or you might have just paid attention to the title.

Really over the past few years social networks have been flexing their muscles. Obviously Facebook is a huge player along with sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, Pinterest, and more. They are having bigger than expected results with businesses that have learned how to utilize them effectively.

One of the biggest reasons for the social push has to do with evolving technology and how people access the internet. With tablets being a high growth market along with smart phones getting smarter, people are actively being social on the internet while they are socially active in real locations. This means more updates, more feedback, more exposure; basically more everything.

So with the expectation of more growth in mobile access and apps along with the continual push of social media, how can you position your company to excel in 2013?

Top 5 Tips for Social Media Success

  1. Leverage Social Connections – Are people more likely to respond to a friend’s recommendation or a random ad? The answer is almost always going to be ‘a friend’s’. Studies have shown that people are about 20% more likely to go with a personal recommendation over a random advertisement. A primary goal should be getting existing customers to share information on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. Re-direct users to your social pages and also post deals specifically to those markets to keep users engaged and sharing.
  2. Social is more than Facebook – Some people feel that a Facebook page is enough. But, that is like saying an advertisement on cable is all you need. Social media is a diverse platform, just like any other marketing area. If you put all of your eggs in one basket then you are limiting your access to potential customers…even if it is the biggest basket in the room. Pinterest, Twitter, and even YouTube can be a great way to access potential customers and those platforms are more likely to produce sales (as per research from
  3. Maximize Connectivity – If you haven’t already, you need to seriously look at overhauling your web space to maximize the way people connect to you. A responsive web design allows people using tablets, phones, or a standard computer to easily connect to one site. That means if they hop from Facebook to your site on their phone it will be an easier transition compared to if your site is only built to be viewed by a larger screen. Additionally integrating your social platforms on your site is important such as having them feed into each other.
  4. Be Engaging – Social media is different. People want to connect in a positive and emotional or meaningful way. That means posts should be more than just a change in business hours. You need to connect to the audience and make them interact or remark to what you are saying. Many larger companies hire professionals to handle this specific marketing function.
  5. Use More Photos – Pictures are click magnets. People see images and are drawn to them like a moth to the flame. They are the most effective way to interact with a social media audience. Your marketing campaign should include an integrated content strategy based on photos using one of the many social media sites that work primarily with photos (such as Pinterest or Instagram).

Social media is most certainly not going away anytime soon. It makes sense to get on board and take advantage of this massive marketing vehicle rather than watching your competition do it first.

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